Create a green area on your balcony!

Are you looking for artificial grass for your balcony? The balcony is a perfect space to create your favourite place in your home, you don’t need large surfaces to have that little corner where you can sunbathe, read or just relax.

Enjoy a green space that is 100% safe for pets and children and suitable for any weather. Moreover, as it is made of synthetic material, it does not attract insects.

Our artificial grass for balconies perfectly imitates natural grass in both its softness and its appearance, offering a surface with high resistance and durability. Did you know that artificial grass usually lasts between 10 and 20 years depending on its use and care? It will be a very profitable investment for your balcony.

Its maintenance is very low so you can enjoy a green area without worries. Contribute to the environment by choosing one of our proposals, as artificial grass does not require watering and the use of chemical products for its maintenance.

It doesn’t matter the pavement of your balcony, artificial grass can be installed on any type of surface such as earth, cement, tile or concrete.

We have different models classified by height: 20 mm artificial grass, 30 mm artificial grass, 40 mm – 60 mm artificial grass.

We work with the best professionals all over Spain who will be happy to advise you on how to choose your artificial grass model.

Césped artificial balcón

Very realistic, minimal maintenance

Thanks to BodyShape and MaxRecover Realtech¬ģ technologies, you will get an artificial turf for your balcony with perfect footstep recovery, ideal for spaces with high traffic. If you have pets or live in rainy areas, we recommend our Oasis or Terranova models. With their MaxDrain technology, they offer superior drainage compared to other models on the market.

Our entire collection of artificial grass for gardening has passed rigorous quality tests and is triple certified for safety against bacteria and fire, creating a safe space for your family and pets.

The advantage of artificial grass is that it is easy to clean and maintain, combining height and fibre density to ensure that the surface is always in optimum condition. With minimal effort you will have a perfect outdoor space all year round.

Are you worried about the difficulty of installing artificial grass for balconies? If you decide to install it yourself, you will get a good result regardless of your balcony flooring in a few simple steps. In our “do it yourself” section of our website you will find tutorials on how to do the installation. If you prefer to have a professional for the installation, in Realturf we have professional installers all over Spain who will advise you to choose the product that best suits your space and needs.