Artificial turf for Kids

100% safe for the little ones!

The safety of the youngest members of the family is very important. Having the peace of mind that our children can enjoy playing outdoors without the risk of getting hurt is the top priority when we design our products.

Artificial grass is a surface with many advantages for children such as its great resistance and shape recovery. In addition, the softness of its fibres and its fluffy curl will make it a favourite place for your children. 

We bring to nurseries, schools, playgrounds or your home models that have been subjected to different quality and non-toxic controls, so that Realturf artificial grass does not cause allergies or skin irritations. Unlike natural grass, it does not require pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, which are common causes of allergic reactions.

Children can run around, lie down and play without fear of being bitten by mosquitoes or spiders, as artificial grass does not attract any type of insect or accumulate bacteria. Its fibres are designed to withstand inclement weather and are resistant to UV rays. 

The artificial turf is easy to clean and maintain the surface, thanks to the combination of height and density of fibres of our models for children, which allows to always have a surface in perfect condition. It does not burn and to keep it always fresh you only need to water it occasionally. At Realturf, we offer you our maintenance pack with everything you need to maintain your installation, with a minimum effort your garden will be in perfect condition all year round.

Our special artificial grass models for children have five Realtech¬ģ technologies that make it the safest grass in the market:

  • Kidsproof Realtech¬ģ: EN 71-3 standard is one of the strictest safety standards y and certifies that our lawn is as safe as a toy. The standard states that the product can be only safe if it doesn’t release any harmful substances while playing on it.
  • BacteriaFree Realtech¬ģ: ASTM G 21: 2013 certifies that our products have anti-fungal properties, after passing the most rigorous tests for common bacteria and complying with the strict standards.
  • Fireproof Realtech¬ģ: Fireproof uses polymers in its fibers that have been treated to comply with the European regulation EN 13501, obtaining the category of fire resistance Dfl-s1, and thus ensuring that our products do not spread flame upon accidental exposure to fire.¬†

  • MaxDrain Realtech¬ģ: It provides up to 3 times more drainage than a conventional artificial grass, getting rid of liquids and dirt left by pets on the lawn surface. You can find this technology in our product Color Kids.
  • Antistatic Realtech¬ģ: this technology of our Color Kids model certifies that our grass uses anti-static polymers and carbon fiber threads, which causes the electrostatic charge of the grass to dissipate and not accumulate on the surface. The grass with this technology complies with the UNE EN-14041 standard: ANTI-STATIC and the IEC 61340-4.1 standard: DISSIPATIVE.

In addition, the artificial grass for playgrounds can include our exclusive shock pad. This pad, greater than two meters of height, makes the lawn suitable for falls, complying with the playground regulations EN 1177: 2008.

Softland Realtech¬ģ is the best option to avoid children’s injuries when falling, thanks to its cushioning effect. It is highly recommended when there is playground equipment.

That’s not all. With our latest SoftMax Realtech¬ģ technology, our artificial grass models for children are incredibly soft. The turf produced with this technology incorporates fibers that are made with the highest quality raw materials, and polymers. This is easily identified by the definition and easy cleaning process of the fibers. This technology is responsible for making your lawn the most comfortable place in your entire garden for both you and the little ones.