Artificial grass for patio


Transform your patio!

If you are looking for artificial grass for your patio, don’t miss our special selection from the gardening collection. Renew its appearance completely by creating a green area to enjoy your outdoor space 365 days a year, where your artificial grass will look perfect with very low maintenance.

We often have spaces at home that we take very little advantage of. Turn your patio into a much more inviting place to spend time with our state-of-the-art artificial grass. Add some plants, a table and chairs or some trendy floor cushions and… voil√†!

Enjoy your new favourite spot for 10 to 20 years (depending on use and care) thanks to the high resistance and durability of artificial grass. A very profitable investment for your patio.

Its softness and appearance will make you feel like you have a fully-fledged garden. Forget about mowing, fertilisers and hard maintenance. Artificial grass is very easy to clean, does not need watering and chemicals.

In addition, our artificial grass is as safe as a toy for the little ones or your pets. You don’t have to worry about insects either: because it’s made of synthetic material, artificial grass doesn’t attract them.

Choose the height that best suits your needs: artificial turf 20 mm – 25 mm, artificial turf 30 mm – 38 mm, artificial turf 40 mm – 60 mm. If you are concerned about the installation area, artificial grass for patios can be installed on any surface.

We have professionals near you. Ask us your questions, we will be happy to advise you.

Turn your patio into your new garden

At Realturf we invest 12 months a year in creating an artificial grass collection that adapts to your needs and uses. Our entire collection of artificial grass for gardening has a triple safety certificate against bacteria and fire. Create a safe, green space for you and your loved ones.

Forget worries about the verticality of your artificial grass patio. With Realtech¬ģ BodyShape and MaxRecover technologies, you’ll get an artificial turf with perfect footfall recovery. If you have pets or live in areas with high rainfall, our MaxDrain technology will prevent water accumulation by offering double drainage of liquids.

You can look at these details on the individual product pages to find out which model of artificial grass is best suited to you and your space. You can also consult us without obligation and our professionals will be happy to help you. We have distributors all over Spain.

When choosing your artificial grass model, it is important to consider how often you are going to use it. Choose short fibre models for places of intensive use or if you are going to put furniture on it. The medium fibre models are ideal for places of moderate use and for a more decorative use you can use the high fibre models.

However, on this page you will find the most recommended models of artificial grass for patios.

No time for maintenance? Don’t worry about this area, it will be enough to brush the grass occasionally to keep it as the first day. It does not need watering either, it will only need to be refreshed on the hottest days to recover its natural feel.

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