Did you know that there is a connection between artificial turf and spirits?

cesped artificial y estado de animo


It seems that there is no connection between artificial lawn and State of mind, but just seems it. If you look further, you will understand that there is a much stronger nexus between your mood and the space around you. To contemplate every day a garden, terrace or installation of artificial turf is quite enough to lift the state of mind and to promote a state of happiness and inner peace. Can you imagine anything better than getting up every morning wtih a green meadow at your feet, no matter if it rains enough or not, and with any concern about irrigations, mowing and other cumbersome care that natural grass needs …?

How artificial grass can induce a good mood.

Nowadays is well known that colors are related to mood states in psychology, so that the therapy with concrete colors can induce different moods. According to different studies, green is associated with relaxation and fertility and provides comfort and safety at home. This is why artificial grass and joy are concepts that can go hand in hand. If you make a meadow installation in your garden, terrace or balcony, you can enjoy it in your free time and brighten your mood by brighten your space.

Tips to enhace your home: Artificial Grass and Good Spirits it is Guaranteed success!


Keep the curtains open during the morning.

Redecorate your space outdoors, however small. The artificial grass looks natural and also gives a neat appearance to the spaces.


Look for practical ideas for children and pets. Solutions like the Terranova artificial turf, unfilled, heat resistant and non-toxic will allow you to focus on what matters.


Live outside. The bright green of the lawn raises the mood and, if you combine it with bird feeders, wooden benches and pots, you can create a small ecological habitat ideal to lift the mood.


Artificial turf is an unbeatable investment for your quality of life. But as you have heard many times, buying cheap is buying twice. Therefore, we recommend you to acquire the best level of product that you can afford and a guaranteed brand.

Artificial turf and joy in your home

The green color not only has a calming effect and induces harmony during the time you spend at home. Concepts like artificial turf and joy can be more connected than you would ever thought: It is a fact, supported by studies on childhood and learning published in prestigious journals such as PSB Parents Magazine, that the effect of a green meadow like the one you could compose with Realturf’s artificial grass will allow you to retain information better, to be more empathic, happier and optimistic.


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