Artificial Turf COMBO PRO 60

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60 mm
3330 g
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REALTURF COMBO PRO is our state-of-the-art 100% polyethylene artificial turf, that combines fibrillated straight fibers with semi-concave monofilaments with three asymmetric nerves.  This combination of fibers and three shades of sporty green give this turf the maximum natural look plus the recovery and stability padding.

Its 60 mm height, woven using the Tufting system in line with a gauge of ⅝ inches between stitch lines and 12 stitches per linear decimeter, a total of about 7,560 stitches per square meter, 12,000 decitex and a thickness of 400 µm in monofilaments and 6,000 decitex, a thickness of 110 µm in fibrillated, a total weight of 3,330 g/m² and 18,000 decitex.  The fibers have the anti UV treatment and is resistant fo the most extreme weather conditions.

The base is a triple backing manufactured with a double layer of polypropylene (PP) and a third layer of woven fabric that guarantees the dimensional stability of the system.  The latex sealing layer guarantees the final pull start strength of 50 N.

The installation is carried out on a regular, resistant base and the joints are bonded by using a two-component polyurethane adhesive, bonding tape, silica sand (round, washed and dried 0,5-1,0mm) with 20kg/m² endowment and black recycled rubber padding with grain size 0,8-2,5 mm with 16kg/m² included.  Marking of play lines are in the same material in white, 10 cm wide and 7cm wide on the football 7 field, complying with the regulations of the R.F.E.F.

The system certified in an independent laboratory has the FIFA QUALITY and FIFA QUALITY PRO level for both recreational and professional use.  It meets all required certifications as well as the optimum standards stated on the latest revision of the FIFA QUALITY PROGRAMME.

General characteristics of the system

  • Type: monofilament, semi-concave section, 6 monofilaments, Fibrillated, straight structure (1 filament)
  • Gauge: ⅝ inches
  • Thread color: Two-tones green
  • Fiber height: 60 mm (±5%)
  • Fiber weight: 1.900 gr/m² (±10%)
  • Stitches/m²: 9.000 stitches (±10%)
  • Thread weight: 19.000 dtex (±10%)
  • Thread thickness: 400 microns (±10%)
  • Total weight: Approx. 3.330 gr/m² (±10%)

What our customers say

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