Comfort Artificial Turf

Realism and naturalness
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40 mm
2.790 g
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Comfort is an ideal product for high-end gardens that seek maximum naturalness. Your guests won’t notice the difference compared to natural grass!

This 40 mm high product features Look&Feel technology that combines 3 fiber heights and 7 thread colors to achieve unparalleled realism:

– Straight fiber at 100% height, with D-shaped BodyShape technology to provide the product with the greatest possible softness.
– Semi-textured fiber: curl using the latest KdK technology at 90% of the total height of the product, imitating artificial grass in its bud.
– Textured fiber at 70% height, two-tone root effect in green/beige tones that perfectly imitates the root effect of natural grass.

Its softness conferred by its SoftMax technology is another of its characteristics that you will love. An artificial grass that will look perfect both to the eye and to the touch, with a very fluffy result thanks to its combination of fibers.

Our Comfort product is a very complete product that has good memory and drainage so all you have to worry about is enjoying it.

And what about security? All of our products are manufactured to create a safe environment in your home or business. Thus, all are fireproof (FireProof technology), antibacterial (BacteriaFree) and non-toxic (KidsProof).

If you are wondering if this model is suitable for your area, the answer is yes. Our entire collection is designed to withstand any climate.

  • Recommended use: Premium Gardens or Children’s Areas
  • Type of use: medium-low traffic