Artificial turf in Cuenca

Calle Camino Real Alto, 19 ,
16630 - Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca)

Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. / Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Realturf Cuenca

If you want to install artificial grass in Cuenca, Realturf offers you the best products manufactured in Spain with the guarantee of a leading company in the sector with more than 18 years of experience.

With the latest technologies and exceptional quality, artificial grass in Cuenca is the best option, whether for decorative or sporting use, choose your model!

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Cuenca?

  • Quality: we are immersed in a process of continuous innovation to achieve maximum naturalness.
  • Resistant to the weather: thanks to the multiple tests to which they are subjected, our models are tested to withstand all weather conditions in the area. Neither the sun, nor the rain, nor the wind will damage its condition throughout the year.
  • Installers in Cuenca with great experience: thanks to our extensive network of distributors, we have the best installers of artificial turf in Cuenca that will advise you throughout the process.
  • Helps the environment: compared to natural grass, artificial grass does not need to be watered, so you will help the environment by reducing water consumption in your home.

Installation possibilities

Installation above ground

Installing artificial grass on the ground is a complex process, that’s why we recommend you to contract your installation with our artificial grass professionals in Cuenca.

Installation on tiles

The installation process of artificial turf on tiles is very simple. On our website you will find a basic installation guide so that you can do it yourself in a simple way.

Installation on concrete

The installation of artificial grass on concrete is one of the easiest processes. With a few guidelines from our specialised installers, you can lay it yourself.

Installation on a wall

To install artificial turf on a wall, we recommend that you contact specialised professionals, as it is a more complex process as it is done vertically.

Locations in Cuenca where we have installed artificial turf

  • Cuenca
  • Tarancón
  • Quintanar del Rey
  • San Clemente
  • Las Pedroñeras
  • Mota del Cuervo
  • Motilla del Palancar
  • Iniesta
  • Horcajo de Santiago
  • Casasimarro
  • Villamayor de Santiago
  • El Provencio
  • Las Mesas
  • Villanueva de la Jara
  • Miglanilla
  • Belmonte
  • Huete
  • Arcas de Villar
  • Sisante
  • La Alberca de Záncara

Other provinces where you can find us