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Realturf Huesca

The cold and rain are no longer an impediment when it comes to having a beautiful and well-kept terrace or garden. The installation of artificial grass in Huesca is a great option for those who want to enjoy their green areas without worrying about its maintenance.

Save time, water and much more by choosing Realturf artificial grass in Huesca.

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Huesca?

  • Durability: Realturf artificial turf is guaranteed for up to 10 years, with minimal care your artificial turf will remain as good as the first day.
  • Low maintenance: compared to natural grass, artificial grass does not require extensive maintenance, as with a light brushing it will remain perfect for much longer.
  • Distributors of artificial turf with great experience in Huesca: we have a wide network of trusted distributors who will advise you when choosing the grass that best suits your needs.

Installation possibilities

Installation on land

To install artificial turf on land you must take into account the previous treatment of the surface, if you have doubts when it comes to the installation you can consult our installation guide, or we can put you in contact with our installers in Huesca.

Installation on tiles

If you are thinking of installing artificial turf on tiles yourself, on our website we provide you with a basic guide detailing all the necessary material and the steps to follow.

Installation on concrete

When installing artificial grass on concrete it is a simple process, you just have to take into account that there are no imperfections, you should use an adhesive tape to stick the grass to the surface.

Installation on a wall

Vertical gardens are in fashion, if you want to install artificial grass on the wall of your home from Realturf we offer you the best installers in Huesca who will advise you and help you with everything you need to have a professional finish.

Locations in Huesca where we have installed artificial turf

  • Almudévar
  • Ayerbe
  • Banastas
  • Barbastro
  • Benasque
  • Biescas
  • Binéfar
  • Bujaraloz
  • Chimillas
  • Fraga
  • Grañén
  • Graus
  • Huesca
  • Jaca
  • Monzón
  • Nueno
  • Sabiñánigo
  • Sariñera
  • Tardienta
  • Tierz

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