Artificial turf in Lérida

Ctra. de Rubí a Sant Cugat, km.1, nº40-50 Edificio Fórum 6º3º ,
08173 - Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Realturf Lérida

High quality artificial turf in Lleida for sports or garden use. At RealTurf we specialise in the design and manufacture of synthetic grass. Perfect for any area or use: companies, terraces, pets, children’s playground, etc.

More than 18 years of experience and our team of distributors throughout Spain are our guarantee.

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Lleida?

  • Water saving: compared to natural grass, Realturf grass does not need to be watered to keep it in perfect condition all year round.
  • Distributors with great experience: our artificial grass distributors in Lérida will offer you a totally personalised service when choosing the model that best suits your needs.
  • Low maintenance: you will not have to invest your free time in the maintenance of your garden. Artificial grass does not need to be fertilised or watered compared to natural grass, so just enjoy your garden, not look after it!

Installation possibilities

Above ground installation

If you are going to install artificial grass on the ground you need to follow the steps we have in our basic installation guide. If you prefer the help of a professional, Realturf will put you in contact with the best artificial grass installers in Lleida.

Installation on tiles

Thanks to the basic guide to installing artificial turf on tiles, you will find the process very easy.

Installation on concrete

When installing artificial turf on concrete you should make sure that the surface is level and use double-sided adhesive tape to stick the turf to the surface.

Installation on a wall

Installing artificial turf on a wall can be a more complex process as it is done vertically. It is recommended that this installation is carried out by a professional. Realturf will put you in contact with our specialised installers in Lérida.

Locations in Lleida where we have installed artificial turf

  • Lérida
  • Balaguer
  • Tárrega
  • Mollerusa
  • Seo de Urgel
  • Alcarrás
  • Cervera
  • Solsona
  • Guisona
  • Almacellas
  • Alpicat
  • Borjas Blancas
  • Tremp
  • Viella Mitg Arán
  • Agramunt
  • Bellpuig
  • Torrefarrera
  • Juneda
  • Artesa de Segre
  • Alcoletge
  • Almenar

Other provinces where you can find us