Artificial turf in Navarra

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Realturf Navarra

Are you worried about the cold weather putting an end to your garden? Installing artificial grass in Navarra is a great option, as it will allow you to enjoy your garden in spring and summer and you will hardly have to do any maintenance the rest of the year.

Our products are very durable and resistant. With low maintenance, you will have a surface in perfect condition for up to twenty years. In addition, Realturf’s artificial grass in Navarra has up to ten years of guarantee.

Discover our wide variety of models, designed for any use: from large gardens to small balconies. Each one of them has been designed with the latest technologies, which makes them safe for children and pets, antibacterial and antistatic. Everything to make your home your favourite place.

Buy your artificial grass in Pamplona or province and start enjoying, it is ideal for both outdoors and indoors!

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Navarra?

  • Warranty. Our synthetic grass is guaranteed for up to 10 years. However, with proper maintenance its life span is much longer.
  • Safety. Whether it rains or there are high temperatures, you will not have to worry about your artificial grass, as it will remain in perfect condition thanks to the quality of its fibres.
  • Expert installers in Pamplona and surroundings. Choose Realturf for your garden, swimming pool, attic or balcony. Our distributors will carry out your project as if it were their own home.

Navarra, ideal for installing artificial turf

Different peoples have passed through Navarre over the centuries, from the Basques to the Muslims, the Romans and the Visigoths. This mixture has endowed the province with rich traditions and customs, as well as a multitude of legends and mysteries that make it a special and very different region.

On the one hand, Navarre is the start of a route with centuries of history, the Way of St. James. The ideal place to start a route that will take you through enclaves such as the Castle of Olite and the historic centres of its different municipalities, such as Tudela.

Thanks to our wide network of distributors, Realturf provides artificial grass installation services in Pamplona, as well as in any other town in the province.

Its nature does not lag behind in beauty and singularity. In the Irati Forest we can find more than 15,000 hectares of wild nature. Nearby are the caves of Zugarramurdi, famous for the mysticism and legends that surround them. They are considered a place of rituals and witchcraft, and for this reason and their beauty they are an essential stop. The natural diversity does not stop there: the desert of Las Bardenas Reales or the Baztan Valley, among others, are very important enclaves in the region.

With an artificial grass installation in Navarra you will be able to enjoy a natural environment in your garden or terrace at any time of the year, without having to worry about the cold or the weather. The installation of Realturf artificial grass in Navarra gives you the security of having a durable, resistant and high quality product.

Césped artificial en Navarra

Installation possibilities

Installation above ground

To install artificial grass on the ground in your garden you must follow the right steps to guarantee its durability. If you need advice on how to install it, our artificial grass installers in Navarra are at your disposal.

Installation on tiles

When installing artificial turf on tiles you can do it yourself with the basic installation guide that we have on the web where we will explain step by step the installation process.

Installation on concrete

The installation process of artificial turf on concrete is simple, you just have to be careful that there are no imperfections on the surface of the turf.

Installation on a wall

The installation of artificial grass on a wall is a somewhat complex process as it is done vertically, that is why Realturf recommends you to let our expert artificial grass installers in Navarra help you with the installation process.

Locations in Navarra where we have installed artificial turf

  • Pamplona
  • Tudela
  • Egüés
  • Barañain
  • Burlada
  • Zizur Mayor
  • Estella
  • Aranguren
  • Ansoáin
  • Tafalla
  • Berriozar
  • Villava
  • Noáin
  • Corella
  • Cintruénigo
  • Baztán
  • Alsasua
  • Berrioplano
  • Huarte
  • San Adrián
  • Peralta
  • Sangüesa
  • Lodosa
  • Viana

Other provinces where you can find us