Artificial turf in Salamanca

C/Bélgica 19 P.Ind Los Villares ,
37184 - Villares de la Reina (Salamanca)

From 9am to 1:30pm and from 3:30pm to 6pm. It is required to have an appointment.

Realturf Salamanca

Find your artificial grass in Salamanca and province. Realturf is characterised by the use of quality materials and Spanish manufacturing. We are committed to technologies that eliminate static electricity and bacteria, fibres that recover their shape and products of great resistance and durability.

We have extensive experience dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of artificial grass in Salamanca, as well as its installation and maintenance. We also offer up to 10 years of guarantee.

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Salamanca?

  • Water saving: compared to natural grass, artificial grass does not need to be watered, this will mean a considerable saving on bills, as well as helping the environment.
  • Weather resistant: thanks to the quality of its fibres, you will not have to worry about weather conditions, whether it snows or rains, your artificial grass in Salamanca will remain in perfect condition.
  • Maximum durability: at Realturf we guarantee that your artificial grass will last at least 10 years, so you can enjoy your garden for much longer.

Installation possibilities

Installation above ground

Installing artificial turf in Salamanca above ground is a somewhat complex process. If you need more information to do the installation yourself, on our website you have a basic guide with the steps to follow.

Installation on tiles

If you are thinking of installing artificial grass on tiles, this will give a new look to your home, on our website you have a basic guide for you to follow step by step the installation process.

Installation on concrete

One of the key steps when installing artificial grass on concrete is that the joints are perfect. If you want a 100% professional finish, we can put you in contact with the best installers in Salamanca.

Installation on a wall

The installation of artificial grass on a wall is a complex process due to the verticality of the surface. That is why Realturf puts you in contact with the best installers in Salamanca to do the installation for you.

Locations in Salamanca where we have installed artificial turf

  • Salamanca
  • Santa Marta de Tormes
  • Béjar
  • Ciudad Rodrigo
  • Villamayor
  • Carbajosa de la Sagrada
  • Villares de la Reina
  • Peñaranda de Bracamonte
  • Guijuelo
  • Alba de Tormes
  • Cabrerizos
  • Terradillos
  • Castellanos de Moriscos
  • Vitigudino
  • Doñinos de Salamanca

Other provinces where you can find us