Artificial turf in Teruel

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Realturf Teruel

If you are interested in buying artificial turf in Teruel, Realturf has branches in all provinces. We have more than 18 years dedicated to the design and manufacture of artificial grass for sports or gardening.

In addition, our network of distributors is responsible for the installation of artificial turf in Teruel so that you only have to worry about enjoying it.

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Why buy Realturf artificial grass in Teruel?

  • Ideal for children and pets. Turn your garden into a playground with Realturf. Our artificial grass is as safe as a toy and features MaxDrain technology for great drainage.
  • Low maintenance. Save money and time by installing artificial grass in your garden in Teruel. You will only have to worry about enjoying it.
  • Quality. Opt for the latest technology in our products and buy high performance synthetic grass. Our manufacturing process complies with ISO standards and is carried out in Spain.


Installation possibilities

Installation on land

To install artificial turf on the ground we must first clean, level and compact the ground. On our website you will find a basic installation guide. If you need advice when it comes to installation, we have the best artificial grass installers in Teruel at your disposal.

Installation on tiles

When installing artificial turf on tiles, the surface must first be cleaned. On our website you will find a basic installation guide so you can do it yourself step by step.

Installation on concrete

At Realturf we have the best artificial grass installers in Teruel who will advise you on the installation on concrete.

Installation on a wall

Artificial grass can be installed on any surface. If you want to install it on a wall, Realturf will put you in contact with the best fitters in Teruel to advise you and get the best result in your home.

Locations in Teruel where we have installed artificial turf

  • Teruel
  • Alcañiz
  • Andorra
  • Calamocha
  • Calanda
  • Alcorisa
  • Utrillas
  • Cella
  • Monreal del Campo
  • Valderrobres
  • Albalate del Arzobispo,
  • Híjar, Mora de Rubielos
  • Mas de las Matas, Montalbán
  • Sarrión
  • Santa Eulalia del Campo
  • Albarracín
  • Calaceite
  • La Puebla de Híjar
  • Villarquemado
  • Escucha
  • Castelserás
  • Samper de Calanda
  • Ariño
  • Cantavieja
  • Castellote

Other provinces where you can find us