Our History


TRADITION Beginning of the 20th Century

Antonio Espinosa Carreres, a businessman from Crevillente, owner of one of the most important carpet companies in the Crevillente area. 

Businesses manufactured esparto grass mats, adding new fibers such as reed and pita and spreading the practice of matting to other capitals in Spain (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona).


TRADITION 1934 -1980

After his death, his sons, and especially his daughter Maria Espinosa Oliver continue the family business with one of the most important textile warehouses in the area.


TRADITION 1980 – 2002

Maria’s children, Francisco and Antonio Candela Espinosa, started several textile businesses including Crevicesped, which manufactures second generation sports artificial grass (25 mm maximum height/polypropylene fibers/silica filler)


INNOVATION 3rd Generation Artificial Grass

Juan Rodriguez Sanchez and Antonio Candela Torregrosa, who both studied and worked in the United States, bring to the Spanish industry a new concept of third generation artificial grass (up to 60 mm height/polyethylene fibers/SBR infill).  The currently known Realturf Systems SL is born.


INNOVATION  Artificial grass for Landscape

Realturf designs the first artificial grass for ornamental purposes for public and private areas.  The Elche City Council believes in this new eco-sustainable concept (in the emblematic piece located on Avenida del Ferrocarril) which would save a lot on maintenance and water expenses for the city.



The economic crisis hits the national market. Realturf begins to expand to international markets. France, Italy and the United Kingdom: the first markets with excellent acceptance.


EXPANSION International Markets

50% the of annual sales turnover in international markets.


DEVELOPMENT New production center

New logistics and production center in Alicante.


Expansion REALTURF USA Creation

International growth continues with the starting of Realturf USA.  Headquarters and logistics center in Houston, United States.


GROWTH 1.000.000m2 per year

Exceeds the annual production of 1,000,000 square meters of sports and ornamental artificial grass.

Oct. 2019


First Spanish company to meet the demanding international standards and join the FIFA QUALITY PROGRAM.

Dec. 2019

GROWTH 2.000.000m2 of artificial grass per year

Exceeds the annual production of 2,000,000 square meters of artificial grass.

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