Artificial Turf MEMORY D 60

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60 mm
2539 g
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REALTURF MEMORY D60 is a state-of-the-art artificial grass made entirely of polyethylene (PE) fibers at 60mm height, its six diamond-shaped filaments  (12 strands) by stitch have two shades of sporty green, and its memory effect helps the fiber go back to its initial position after each use.


The product has 13,000 decitex, ⅝ gauge between stitches, and 14 stitches per linear meter, at about 8,800 stitches per square meter and a total weight of 2,750 g.  Its specially protected UV fibers give it a high durability even in extreme weather conditions.


The fibers are woven in a base that has double backing, made with a polypropylene layer, a layer of woven fabric to ensure dimensional stability, and a final layer of latex sealing which guarantees a pull starting strength of more than 50 N.


The synthetic surface is installed on a even, resistant base, then the joints are bonded with a two-component polyurethane adhesive, bonding tape, silica sand infill(round, washed and dried 0.5-1.0 mm) with 18 kg/m² and black recycled rubber filling with 0.8-2.5 granulometry with 16 kg/m² included. The marking of play lines is in the same material, white and 10 cm wide, complying with the regulations of the R.F.E.F., and 7 cm wide for the seven-a-side fields.


The resulting system obtains the FIFA QUALITY and FIFA QUALITY PRO level to comply with the required certifications, up to the optimal levels according to FIFA QUALITY PROGRAMME (according to the last review of the FIFA Quality Program for Football Turf).

General characteristics of the system:

-FIFA qualify Level:            FIFA QUALITY and FIFA QUALITY PRO

-Type:                                    Monofilament, D-shaped section

6 monofilaments (12 strands per stitch)

-Gauge:                                ⅝ inches

-Thread color:                     Two-tones green

-Fiber height:                      60 mm (±5%)

-Fiber weight:                     1,500 g/m² (±10%)

-Stitches/m²:                       8,800 stitches (±10%)

-Thread weight:                  13,000 dtex (±10%)

-Total weight:                      Approx. 2,750 g/m² (±10%)