Artificial turf for Nurseries

The main reason that so many nurseries have trusted us is that our artificial grass for nurseries is specially designed for that use, and it has:

– 5 technologies for a 100% safe and bacteria-free surface

Maximum softness

– High density and fluffiness, ideal to cushion falls

Easy maintenance – enzymatic anti bacteria treatment.

– The confidence of working with the leading company in the sector

Realturf’s artificial grass for kindergardens is ideal for the little ones to enjoy playing knowing that they do it  a 100% safe surface.

Our turf has the technologies:

  • Kidsproof Realtech®
  • BacteriaFree Realtech®
  • Fireproof Realtech®
  • MaxDrain Realtech®
  • Antistatic Realtech®

In addition, our children’s products are specially designed with Softmax technology, which provides the maximum softness and comfort of all the products currently on the market. In addition, its fluffiness and high fiber density will cushion falls, making it a safer play area.