Artificial turf for Playgrounds

Our technical and creative team can design the most fun and exclusive playgrounds. Combining colors in our lawn we create unique surfaces where the kids can play and enjoy without limits.

The sum of good design, the best artificial grass for children, and our exclusive shock pad, provide the perfect and safest combination for children to play on a standardized surface, being certified for its use in the most demanding public parks.

In addition, the easy cleaning and maintenance of the surface, due to the combination of height and fiber density of our children’s models, always allow us to have a surface in perfect condition.

At Realturf we have designed the ideal surface for the little ones to enjoy without any worry. We combine the best materials and polymers in our grass together with an exclusive shock pad.

Our latest generation artificial grass for children is equipped with the technologies:

  • Kidsproof Realtech®
  • BacteriaFree Realtech®
  • Fireproof Realtech®
  • MaxDrain Realtech®
  • Antistatic Realtech®

And our exclusive shock pad, which makes the system suitable for falls from heights greater than two meters, thus complying with the playground regulations EN 1177: 2008 (for the surface coating of shock absorbing play areas). Softland Realtech® is the best option so your children do not get hurt in a fall, thanks to its cushioning effect, and highly recommended when there are elements of games with height.

Realturf provides you with a 100% safe surface.