DRIVE PRO Artificial turf

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85 oz
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REALTURF DRIVE PRO is the latest generation artificial turf with C-shaped monofilament fibre and three ribs, ideal for use in paddle tennis clubs with high traffic use, it allows the practice of a slower game and the characteristics of its fibres give it greater durability.

The product is manufactured at a height of 12 mm using an in-line tufting system, with a gauge of 5/32 of an inch between stitches, 53,300 stitches per square metre, and a total weight of 2,365 g/m2. In addition, the anti-UV treatment of the fibres gives it an exceptional and resistant finish for the most demanding weather conditions.

The installation of the grass rolls is carried out on a regular and resistant base, always looking for a correct evacuation of rainwater, and the gluing of the joints by means of bi-component polyurethane adhesive on jointing tape. We recommend an infill load of silica sand (round, washed and dried 0.5-1.0 mm) with an allowance of about 14 kg/m2.

Marking of 5 cm play lines with the same material in white in compliance with F.E.P. regulations.

General characteristics of the system:

Type: Monofilament, “C” shaped section, Three asymmetrical ribs.
Gauge: 5/32 of an inch
Yarn colour: Two-tone green
Fibre height: 12 mm (±5%)
Fibre weight: 1.200 g/m2 (±10%)
Stitches/m2: 53.300 stitches (±10%)
Yarn weight: 8.000 dtex (±10%)
Total weight: Approx. 2.365 g/m2 (±10%)