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1. Become a Circular Company: Extend the overall life of products and materials in more intelligent ways.  Turn waste products into resources and reduce the dump materials to zero. We have become the first company in the industry to receive the Zero Waste Certificate in 2019.

The Zero Waste Certificate checks the traceability of the waste, the recycling %, and the waste recovery in relation to the total production.

Zero Waste. Ecovalores Realturf

2.100% Recyclable Products:  The creation of eco-designed products in all phases:  conception, design, materials, production, use, longevity, and recyclability of the product; and avoiding the transfer of environmental impact between stages.

The certificate granted by the CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica (Higher Council for Scientific Research) guarantees our products are fully recyclable and our full commitment to this task.

Certificado de reciclabilidad por CSIC

3. Ongoing Commitment- ISO 14.000:  Our commitment with the environment is reflected in the daily work that follows the ISO-14.000 standards.  This includes environmental management applied to all business areas.  It also aims to standardize the production process and services that protect our environment.  At Realturf we are committed in improving the environment by doing the following:

  • Waste recycling
  • Reduction of the Carbon footprint
  • Reduction of the Water footprint
  • Promoting the use of Renewable energies
  • Raising awareness and educating our teams




Reducing our footprint

Continuing with our ongoing commitment, at Realturf we strive every day to build a better environment for you and yours by reducing our impact and taking actions that help us offset our inevitable carbon footprint.

To this end, we have enrolled in the Ministry’s plan for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to carry out an analysis of our impact and thus be able to carry out actions in accordance with it. The plan consists of three parts:

  • Calculate
  • Reduce
  • Compensate

We are very proud to announce that this year we will offset our entire carbon footprint through our #SocialTurf actions.

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