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In an increasingly fast-moving society, sports have become one of the most important influences on health, fitness, and public entertainment. At Realturf every installation is designed to fulfill our clients’ functional and aesthetic needs. We give a quality response for all the different applications where sports artificial grass may be used.

Realturf manages each project directly to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible, including on-site visits for maintenance, design, and construction.

Our sports synthetic products are designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained according to ISO 9001 quality criteria.

Our products have technical characteristics and a filling composition that adapt to the needs of different sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey, paddle, and tennis. They have the accreditation from the most important international sports institutions such as FIFA, ITF, WR, FEP, and FIH.

All the materials used in the manufacture of our artificial sports turf are carefully studied to adapt to the interaction between the player and the surface: impact absorption, abrasion, deformation, resistance to sliding, and traction. They also adapt to the and the interaction between the ball and the surface: vertical rebound, behavior and rolling of the ball.


Learn about our full range of sports artificial sports products and contact us to find the solution that best suits your needs.