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We help you create your favorite place with artificial grass.

Are you looking for artificial grass adapted to your needs? At Realturf, we have a wide range of synthetic grass models adapted to the uses and spaces of our customers.

Discover our range of synthetic grass for gardening or our collection to create your sports field.

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Frequently asked Questions

Artificial grass price

At Realturf, we have a wide collection adapted to different uses, needs, and, above all, budgets. Factors such as height, polymer quality, or fiber density will affect the price of different models. Tell us more about your future favorite place, and we will prepare a tailor-made quote for you. We can also include installation if needed!

Does artificial grass resist any climate?

Of course! Our synthetic grass is designed to withstand the coldest and hottest climates. Additionally, they have an ultraviolet filter to keep them looking like the first day for a longer time.

How to choose your artificial grass

Most people think that a high fiber artificial grass is of better quality. Consider your space type, usage, weight, stitches, dtex, and other technical aspects to choose your model. Let our professionals guide you!

Installation of Artificial grass

Did you know that you can install artificial grass on any type of surface?

I want to install artificial grass

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Save time to enjoy your favorite place!

Cleaning and maintaining artificial grass is very easy, just brush it occasionally and refresh it on hot days. Forget about spending hours cutting and caring for natural grass.

If you not only want a great garden but also care about the sustainability of your space, we give you some reasons why you won't regret installing synthetic grass:

  • Avoid soil and groundwater pollution!
  • Artificial grass does not require chemical products such as fertilizers.
  • Don't waste such a precious resource as water!
  • Artificial grass does not require watering. Just refresh it on hot days.

Would you like to know how much water you would save in your garden?

I want to install artificial grass

In addition, at Realturf, we work every day to make our world a better environment. That is why we have the following certifications:

  • Zero Waste: a responsible company with its waste
  • Carbon Footprint: we calculate our footprint to offset it.