Artificial grass sustainability

Water and fertilizer savings

Artificial grass maintenance

Low maintenance

Artificial grass resistance

Perfect all year round

Artificial grass durability

10 to 20 years of life

Realturf, your artificial grass company

Would you like to have a perfect garden 365 days a year without spending hours and hours on its maintenance? Don’t worry about your garden and start enjoying your free time. Our artificial grass is the solution you need.

At Realturf we have been specialising in the manufacture of artificial grass since 2002. We develop our products to offer you a green space that is 100% safe, resistant and with such a natural look that you won’t notice the difference.

We offer you a wide collection of artificial grass with a great variety of products adapted to your needs and a large network of professional installers so that you can enjoy your space as soon as possible.

We are close to you to help you create your favourite place! Ask for a free quote.

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Create your favourite place

Public Areas
Swimming pool

Artificial grass Public Areas

At Realturf we have developed products especially for public areas with our exclusive Realtech® technologies.

Bringing colour and naturalness to the city’s public spaces has never been so easy and such a good investment. Realturf artificial grass will provide an incredible natural finish, exceptional resistance and great durability, all with minimum maintenance.

Our grass can be installed on any type of surface and adapts to any type of public space such as roundabouts, medians, playgrounds, gardens, terraces or public swimming pools.

Artificial grass Pets

At Realturf we have made it possible for artificial grass to be suitable for the whole family, including pets, in fact they will love it.

Our products specially developed for pets have superior drainage and great resistance, which together with our safety certificates, make our artificial grass not only compatible with your pets, but it will also become their favourite place in the house.

In addition, all our products are very easy to clean, so all you have to do is lie down, relax and play with them.

Artificial grass Children

Realturf is seriously committed to the safety of the youngest members of the family. All our products have a triple safety certificate for a 100% safe artificial grass:

  • KidsProof: artificial grass as safe as a toy, it does not release harmful substances while sucking or playing with it.
  • FireProof: does not spread flames in the event of accidental exposure to fire.
  • BacteriaFree: has anti-fungal properties.

In addition, our artificial grass does not cause allergies or skin irritations, so children can lie and roll around on it without risk. It will become their favourite place in the house.

Artificial grass Terrace

Our latest generation artificial grass for terraces and penthouses achieves a finish that perfectly imitates a natural surface, bringing a touch of style and relaxation to your home.

All our products can be installed on any type of surface, achieving a green and beautiful space 365 days a year, whether on a balcony, terrace, attic or patio.

In addition, with our artificial grass you will contribute to the sustainability of such a scarce natural resource as water, and its cleaning is super easy.

What more could you ask for!

Artificial grass Swimming pool

The fibres that make up our artificial grass for swimming pools are specially treated for use in these areas, being resistant to humidity, chlorine, saltpetre and completely UV stabilised.

Whatever type of pool you have, whether it’s an above ground pool, an inflatable pool, a jacuzzi…, thanks to our exclusive MaxDrain and MaxRecover technologies, our artificial turf is ideal for its great drainage and fibre recovery capacity.

In addition, our products are 100% safe thanks to their safety certificates, their anti-slip treatment and their great anti-fall cushioning.

Artificial grass Garden

Your most real garden! Our collection of artificial grass for gardening is manufactured with the latest technologies, achieving exceptional qualities, an incredible natural finish, great resistance and durability.

All our products adapt to any place such as gardens, terraces, playgrounds or any indoor space where you want to give a touch of naturalness and originality.

In addition, they can be installed on any surface, whether it is earth, pavement, cement or tile, transforming any area of your home or business into a space full of life.

Artificial grass quotation

If you want to create your favourite place, ask for a free quote!

Artificial grass free samples

Ask for free samples and feel the Realturf quality in your hands.

Artificial grass installation

We have a wide network of specialised installers near you.

The ideal height for you

Which height to choose?
Low fibre
Medium fibre
High fibre

Knowing the use and type of space where you want to install your artificial turf will help you make the best decision.

  • Short fibre: use this type of grass for spaces with high traffic.
  • Medium fibre: these models are more recommended for spaces with medium-high traffic.
  • High fibre: our high fibre collection is recommended for spaces where the artificial grass is mainly for decorative purposes. Spaces with low traffic.

The 20 mm to 25 mm artificial turf will meet your expectations as well as providing a natural look.

The short fibre artificial turf is especially suitable for installations of intensive use and heavily trafficked spaces. Short fibre curls are developed to withstand footfall in crowded places. As their fibres remain upright and tidy for longer, they require less effort.

Specially recommended for: busy green spaces, work spaces, hospitality, public areas, communal areas of buildings.

The medium fiber artificial turf of 30 mm to 35 mm is especially suitable for spaces of frequent use.

At Realturf we have achieved that our medium fiber products have a very natural appearance and a great softness with the advantage of continuing to require very little maintenance.

Specially recommended for: gardens, play areas with pets, gardens with private and public swimming pools, green areas, hotel and restaurant terraces.

Artificial turf from 40 mm to 60 mm is indicated for installations with moderate use and less traffic.

Our high fiber models have a spectacular finish, a very natural texture, a high fiber density, and great comfort.

Specially recommended for: projects in which maximum softness, naturalness and beauty are sought, high standing gardens.

Artificial grass manufacturing

We manufacture our products to improve quality and functionality with the lowest environmental impact.

Artificial grass guarantee

We are so sure of the quality of our products that we have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Realturf experience

20 years of experience dedicated to improving our products day by day.

Our commitment


Our experience in the manufacture of artificial grass has led us to develop technologies that provide our products with specific characteristics for each type of use, prolong their useful life and make them 100% safe.


From Realturf we collaborate with different social projects every year to help create a better world.

  • Lawns for non-profit associations
  • Cleaning of beaches and coasts

We understand that sustainability requires concrete facts and tangible actions, that’s why we work every day to…

  • Produce responsibly.
  • Extend the life of our products.
  • Achieve 100% recyclable products.

Experiencies Realturf

Chema Ufano

Alannia Costa Blanca

En Alannia Costa Blanca deseábamos vestir con césped nuestras terrazas, piscinas y zonas de golf y no podemos estar más contentos de la decisión de poner césped artificial. En el mejor de nuestros pronósticos no hubiéramos imaginado una respuesta tan gratificante.

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Fernando Amat

Marmarela Mediterranean Cocktail Club

Contamos con 4000 m2 de superficie de césped artificial Realturf y estamos muy satisfechos. Elegimos el producto Color Kids por su variedad de colores y sus prestaciones.

La mejor forma de testar el césped es aquí ya que cada noche vienen unas 3000 personas.


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Instalación particular de 18 años

Realturf me dijo que me podía garantizar la textura, la instalación y mantener el colorido del artículo 10 años… Estamos hablando de 18 años y no he observado que haya diferencia.

El ahorro de agua es importante, sólamente con el ahorro del coste de agua, lo podría amortizar entre 6 y 8 años.

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Javier y Eva

Marjal Resorts Costablanca

Lo tenemos instalado en varios espacio dentro del resort, como en la zona de las piscinas, donde aporta un valor añadido al cliente para que se pueda relajar tranquilamente y disfrutar de las zonas de agua y también en la zona del minigolf y ¿Cómo no? en los bungalows.

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Enrique Santos

Complejo deportivo Arena

Optamos por instalarlo en la sala de musculación porque en la nueva tendencia de entrenamiento hay mucho entrenamiento funcional, mucho entrenamiento libre y nos parecía adecuado habilitar una zona amplia para éste tipo de ejercicio.

Elegimos Realturf porque ya confiamos en ellos en la instalación de las pistas de pádel y tenis y la experiencia fue muy buena.

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Instalación en colegio Jesuítas Alicante

Elegimos instalar césped artificial porque el césped natural en esta zona es inviable y sobretodo para un colegio, porque tiene muchos equipos, muchas horas de entrenamiento y muchos partidos.

Yo, como usuario, siempre digo que éste es el mejor campo de Alicante, incluso después de 7 años, que ya tiene su vida y ha tenido mucho uso.

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