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The areas certified pass a series of demanding tests including durability, resistance, security and interaction with the game.  This standard complies with the development of community projects and amateur soccer that can be used during 40 to 60 hours a week.


In order to comply with the professional use parameters, the areas certified must pass the most demanding game and safety characteristics tests and allow the use of the sports facility for 20 hours a week.

How to certify a FIFA field

In order for a football field to obtain FIFA certification, it must undergo various tests in both laboratory and on-field settings.

On the field, testing is conducted to control the quality of the artificial turf. This testing focuses on two different interactions:

  • Player/surface interaction: This test assesses how players interact with the surface, including factors such as traction, stability, and the overall feel underfoot.
  • Ball/surface interaction: This test evaluates how the ball rolls and bounces on the surface, as well as the turf’s resistance to rotation and the field’s overall evenness.

FIFA will grant the FIFA QUALITY certification to a field intended for amateur football. For fields intended for professional football, FIFA will award the FIFA QUALITY PRO certification.

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