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Artificial grass Pets

Your pet’s favorite place!

If you wonder if artificial grass is pet friendly, the answer is yes.

At Realturf we design and develop our models specially adapted for pets, with greater drainage and resistance.  These products have a special treatment that ensures the triple safety certificate, making the surface a space 100% safe for pets to play.

Enjoy with your pet’s pleasant moments of play or relaxation in your garden. You can choose from a vast array of products to suit your needs.

Our artificial grass for pets has MaxDrain Realtech® technology, which gives the lawn superior drainage, up to 3 times more than a conventional artificial grass, getting rid of liquids and dirt that our pets may leave on the surface of the lawn. When your pet urinates on the artificial grass it will not be a problem anymore thanks to the exceptional drainage system of our products.  It also gets rid of unpleasant odors and any bacteria that can accumulate.

The artificial grass for dogs and cats is resistant and strong, thanks to our Longlife Realtech® technology, capable of withstanding all activities. This guarantees a lawn with soft filaments that will not harm our pet´s skin in any way.

Thanks to our exclusive enzymatic cleaner, that allows the artificial grass for pets to be always in perfect condition and gives the surface  a pleasant smell of freshly cut grass, the surface is easy and effective to clean  At Realturf we offer our clients a maintenance pack with everything they need to maintain it. With minimal effort, you can have the right artificial grass for cats and dogs always ready.

We create lawns that are designed for pets to play completely safe.  We can ensure that it has the triple certificate of safety against bacteria and fire.  It complies with rigorous standards that ensure our products to be completely free of releasing harmful substances while licking or playing on it. With our specialized products, your lawn will be your favorite place, and your pet will enjoy a 100% safe lawn.

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