Reconnect with nature

The reality is that your environmental awareness makes you think that your dreams should be compatible with a sustainable environment.

Introducing Reconnect, our way of thinking and believing in a circular way. An authentic and continuous environmental commitment. Because we believe that when you finally decide to choose a brand of artificial grass, you should not have to choose between sustainability and quality.

Reconnect brings together our collection of greener artificial grass with our actions and measures to create a better environment for you and your loved ones.

Reconnects with the earth, without compromising the comfort or quality of the product.

Do we connect with the same values ​​and ideas?


Zero waste

Truly committed to circular production.

Being manufacturers allows us to conceptualise our products with circular production in mind. Therefore, you can already find in our collection products that are 100% recyclable thanks to their Everback backing or products made with over 20% recycled material.

At Realturf, we have the Zero Waste certificate confirming our commitment to responsible production by measuring the traceability of the product and the percentage of recycling after its useful life.


Water saving

The reality is that we are not here to waste water...

For years now, we have been monitoring the litres saved thanks to the square metres of turf sold each year and we think... why not make a calculator so that we can all know how much we contribute to water savings?

The water calculator will help you to know how much you can save each year by switching to Realturf.

Just with the square metres sold in 2023, we saved more than:

5,699,579 litres of water annually.


Purify your space

The reality is that you can create a safe space for your loved ones.

At first glance, you only see grass. But the reality is that, above it, an invisible self-cleaning layer is removing environmental NOx, bacteria, and bad odours.


  • - Protects your space and neutralizes odours
  • - Purifies the air
  • - It is harmless

For all these reasons, B.Pure becomes your perfect hygienizer to have an eco-friendly artificial grass, perfect for your home, your business, or public spaces.


The backing Everback, made with polyols, allows for easier recycling as the material is from the same family as the turf fibers. Achieve a product that after its 10-20 years of life depending on usage and care, can be 100% recycled.
Some of our ecological artificial grass products have the GRS seal, certifying that they contain more than 20% recycled material.


The reality is that we can all contribute

We don't want to just stay in words, that's why every year we go wherever we are needed for reforestation, studies on marine litter, or coastal cleanups.

Now you know. Your eco-friendly artificial grass from Realturf has ZERO WASTE certification, which verifies the traceability of waste and its percentage of recycling in relation to production.

And you can enjoy your green world because you know that Realturf offsets its carbon footprint every year with #Socialturf actions.

You know you have a garden for many years to come. Only with durable products do we make the "R" of "reduce" a reality.

But most importantly, when the end of life of your artificial grass arrives, you know that your grass will be transformed into another new product thanks to its recyclability.


Really close to you

Manufacturing in Crevillente (Alicante), allows us to make a holistic control of our products at different stages of the value chain.

Being close to you saves emissions derived from transport to the environment.

Would you like to know more about Realturf Factory?

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Frequently asked Questions

Is artificial turf an environmentally friendly product?

Yes, artificial turf is a product made of plastic materials. However, it is a plastic with more than one use. European legislation is moving towards a situation where single-use plastic products will no longer be available to us in a few years. In addition, quality artificial turf has a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years. Finally, artificial turf allows us to save water, a precious resource, and to avoid the use of chemical products, such as fertilisers, which pollute our soil.

What is the recycling process for artificial turf?

Nowadays, artificial grass can be recycled by means of a chemical or mechanical process. Products such as Realturf Reconnect that are made from the same family of polyols allow for mechanical recycling by shredding the entire product. However, products that combine plastics from several families must be recycled by chemical processes that do not allow 100% recycling of the product.

What is the best sanitiser for ecological artificial grass?

At Realturf we have our product RealSmell, a product that, in addition to sanitising the surface, dissipates the static charge of the artificial grass and leaves a pleasant smell of freshly cut grass. Now you can also find in our collection Reconnect B.Pure, a totally innocuous product that with sunlight generates a self-cleaning layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as purifying the air by eliminating the main pollutants for health and the environment.