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Artificial grass Swimming pool

Ideal for swimming pools!

At Realturf we manufacture products with fibers that are specifically designed for swimming pool areas. These products are treated with special products so that it can remain in good condition all year round.  They are resistant to humidity, chlorine, saltpeter in saltwater pools and is completely UV stabilized.

If you want to turn your pool area into a beautiful garden, or even place a removable or inflatable pool on it, our turf is ideal because of its maximum drainage and fiber recovery.

Take a look at our artificial turf for swimming pools and choose yours!


Our artificial grass designed for pools will not be damaged by the action of chlorine, ultraviolet rays, or humidity, since our fibers are made of materials that ensure their durability and maintenance in optimal conditions.

. The artificial grass models for swimming pools have the MaxDrain Realtech® technology, which provides superior drainage of liquids and dirt compared to natural grass.  Our technology will help prevent puddles from appearing around the pool. In addition, our Maxrecover Realtech® technology guarantees the best recovery from footprints.

Our products have passed the following tests:

Chlorine Resistance– ISO 105 E3 Standard- concluding that our products are not damaged by chlorine.

Resistance to Moisture – UNE 13744 Standard – concluding that it does not deteriorate on surfaces near the pool despite the humidity

Resistance to UV Rays-UNE EN 14836 Standard- concluding that the color of our lawn does not suffer any alterations despite long exposures to UV rays.

Realturf artificial grass for swimming pools is a strong and resistant product, capable of withstanding the intense activity around a swimming pool.

In addition, our synthetic pool grass has passed rigorous quality tests and has a triple safety certificate. It is as safe as a toy, as it doesn’t release any harmful substances while playing on it.

With our artificial grass by your pool you will have a 100% safe lawn.

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Frequent questions

Is it affected by chlorine?

At RealTurf, we guarantee its durability, besides it will not suffer damages from chlorine action, ultra violet rays or humidity.

Can the artificial lawn be installed near the pool?

The artificial lawn RealTurf is a strong and resistant product capable of withstanding the intense activity of spaces with a pool.