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Artificial turf for multisports

All the playing fields in a single space!

Multisport courts are the best choice for limited spaces where you can maximize the use of sports practice. It is a modality that is very fashionable in areas where there is little space such as homeowners’ associations, sports centres or schools. In addition, the use of marking lines and colours helps to distinguish the different playing fields on the same surface.

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Versatility with low maintenance

Some surfaces can be used for several types of sports. In schools and community areas, a field can be converted into a multi-sport area. The choice of surface may dictate whether football, tennis, hockey or a combination of different activities will be played on the surface.

In addition, our multisport turf has passed rigorous quality tests and is triple certified for safety against bacteria, fire and other hazards. In other words, our multisport turf is completely free from releasing harmful substances while in use. With our products your multisport area will have a 100% safe turf.

Clever use of your multisport turf surface, the fibre colours available from Realturf, and the incorporation of marking lines can easily turn an artificial turf pitch into an ideal sports surface for year-round use.

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