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Artificial grass Public works

Beauty and color in our cities!

Our collection specially designed for public areas has our exclusive Realtech® technologies. Realturf’ public road grass has an incredible natural finish and exceptional strength and durability. Therefore, it is perfectly adapted to public spaces such as roundabouts, road dividers, playgrounds, business gardens, terraces, or public pools.

The great advantage of our models is that they are very similar to the natural one,  giving a pleasant presence to the public spaces where we live, but avoiding the major drawbacks of natural grass such as high water consumption, fertilizers and high maintenance costs. Our artificial grass for public areas is easy to clean and maintain, allowing public administrations to save time and money and keeping the urban space always in perfect condition.

Our models for public areas can be installed on earth, cement, or tile, creating spaces full of life in the middle of the city, thanks to the natural look of our materials.

Our products for public areas have the most natural appearance in the market. At Realturf our artificial grass for public roads counts with technology that allows it to always have the most natural appearance. This is due to the fact that they incorporate Look & Feel Realtech® technology, developed to obtain the least shine of their fiber by the inclusion of mini ribs during the extrusion process, and the combination during the production process of at least five different types of fibers and colors.

Realturf artificial grass for public areas is a strong and resistant product, capable of withstanding intense exposure to the natural environment and the traffic of people. We can achieve this by using only the best materials and protecting them from the most adverse weather conditions with the use of Longlife Realtech® technologies. This provides the urban grass with the ideal characteristics of strength and resistance for many years of use. 

The artificial grass for urban areas allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the surface, thanks to the right combination of height and fiber density, which allows an optimal cleaning of the surface.

In addition, our national network of professionals, always near you, provide complete and personalized advice in case of any questions or concerns.

Our public area lawns have passed rigorous quality tests and are triple certified for fire and bacteria safety. It does not release harmful substances when you contact them. With our products, any public area will have a quality, natural looking, 100% safe lawn.

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