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Vita Artificial Grass

Affordable quality
30 mm
2.012 g

Artificial grass technologies

characteristics and use

Our 30 mm high Vita model stands out for its elegant olive color hue and for being the model with the best value for money of its height. The 30mm fiber height is recommended for spaces with moderate use, the Vita model looks ideal in public areas such as medians and roundabouts, and it is in these spaces where it gains greater prominence.

Vita has the C-shaped BodyShape technology that makes the product perfectly recover its vertical fiber shape without losing the softness conferred by the SoftMax technology.

Last but not least, to increase its naturalness, its two-tone textured fibers with a root effect in green/beige.

Remember, all of our artificial grass models are as safe as a toy for the little ones, fireproof, antibacterial and resistant to any weather.

  • Recommended use: Public Areas

  • Type of use: high traffic

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