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Artificial grass Gym

High Performance Training!

Every year, gyms are expanding in size and variety. Incorporating artificial turf into gym flooring is consistently a smart choice as it fosters a comfortable and top notch environment for gym goers to explore. It’s increasingly favored by gym members for its low maintenance, ease of cleaning, and its ability to impart a modern, eco-friendly aesthetic to the gym. Artificial grass remains in excellent condition regardless of the intensity of workouts.

Artificial turf for gyms

High Performance Training!

Gyms are becoming bigger and more diverse every year. The use of artificial grass in gyms is always a wise decision because it creates a comfortable and high-quality space for people to move around the gym. It has become the favorite flooring for most gym members. The artificial turf hardly requires maintenance, it’s quite easy to clean and it will give your gym a modern, green image. Artificial grass is maintained in optimal conditions regardless the intensity of the workouts.


Our gym artificial turf is prepared for high traffic use, and you can also use heavy objects on it. The great recovery system of the fibers will allow them to return to their initial position immediately after use. Our synthetic gym grass products are specially designed for indoor and outdoor training and CrossFit rooms. It allows you to practice all kinds of sports without fear of rupture.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of the surface thanks to the high-density texturized monofilaments in our gym products, that always keep the surface in optimal conditions. At Realturf, we offer you our maintenance pack with everything you need to keep the artificial grass in a gym: with a minimum effort your gym turf will be in perfect conditions all year round.

Installing artificial grass in a gym is a simple process, and you can do it yourself. It can be installed over existing pavement, concrete or tile. Get the best results by following our recommendations for installation or you may contact one of our best professionals near you to help you.

Our gym turf has passed rigorous quality tests and has the triple certificate of safety against bacteria and fire, that makes it just as safe as a toy. This standard state that the product can only be safe it doesn’t release any harmful substances at all when playing on it. With our products your gym will be 100% safe. We also have a wide range of colors so you can customize and create a maximum performance functional sports area.

Recommended use: Public and private gyms, CrossFit and training rooms.

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