Altura césped artificial corto

ARTIFICIAL TURF 20 mm – 25 mm

If you are looking for an artificial turf with a optimal resistance for areas of intensive use, the artificial turf of 20 mm and 25 mm will meet your expectations, as well as giving your space the naturalness you were looking for.

Our range of artificial turf from staple fibre is perfect for high-traffic environments, for example: shopping centres, terraces, pet sites and balconies/terraces. The short fibre curls are designed to withstand footfall in crowded environments.

If you are thinking of putting heavy furniture or an inflatable or removable swimming pool in your space, 20mm or 25mm artificial grass will be perfect for you.

Extreme endurance!

Do you have pets or are you going to lay grass next to the pool? If so, we recommend our artificial turf of 25 mm Oasis. Thanks to its technology MaxDrain we get a double drainage compared to conventional products. In addition, this model has technologies that make it stand out for its quality/price ratio: LongLife (increased strength and durability), MaxRecover (better recovery of the footprint), Look&Feel (lower fibre brightness for more naturalness) y BodyShape (softer fibre with adequate recovery). 

For both private and public children’s playgrounds, we offer our model Color Kids, available at green, yellow, red, blue and black. Colour Kids is the only model on the market with the technology AntiStatic that reduces static charge to avoid those uncomfortable cramps. Use your imagination to create a safe and fun space for the little ones at home with short artificial turf!

All our artificial turf models short are:

  • Flame retardants: do not spread fire
  • KidsProof: as safe as a toy
  • BacteriaFree: free of bacteria

Césped artificial 20 mm

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