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Discover the advantages of being Oficial Partner Realturf

With more than 18 years of experience, Realturf has become one of the most prestigious companies from Spain of national and international renown.  Our business model continues to grow every year, and so do the people and business committed to the model.

Knowledge, procedures, and guidelines.  We have the know-how, and we share it with our partners.

When you choose Realturf you are choosing the most renown company in the sale and manufacture of artificial grass.  This fact contributes to the promotion and increases the value of our brand and partners.

  • Received several awards and associated with the most important entities in the industry:  AITEX / IBV / MARCA ESPAÑA / FEP / FIFA / STC.
  • Certificates in R&D – Compliance with current regulations and tests on all our products.  We look for continuous improvement, invest in research and development programs and have been recently awarded for it.
  • Warranty- Limited Extended Warranty in our products.

We strive to make our products last through generations.  We are proud to see that some Realturf products that were installed when we opened are still being enjoyed by our customers.  

Our products have specific technical characteristics designed to adapt to our customers´ needs.  They are designed and developed exclusively for our partners.

An exclusive sales territory for you.

With Realturf you will have the best quality-price ratio thanks to the prices straight from the factory.

There are no middlemen costs involved, so we are able to provide the greatest value and savings to our partners.  Our sole objective is to maximize the purchase value of our clients.

We are certified with the Origen Español Certificado or OEC (Spanish Origin Certificate) which contributes to promote and increase the economic and social value of Spanish companies that manufacture in Spain.

Realturf guarantees your order will be processed the same day you place it and served within 24 hours.  We count with stock material in our logistic centers nationwide.  The way we thank our clients is by providing them with the prompt service and attention they deserve.

Realturf manufactures and distributes more than 50 models of artificial grass in the national and international level as well.  Realturf adapts to the needs of our clients and works at the highest quality and safety standards.

We offer highly versatile products.  They can be installed anywhere: gardens, terraces, public areas, offices, playgrounds, walls, residential areas, play areas…..  The possibilities are endless!

Every year we design unique collections with specific components for each situation.  Each collection has its own technical features that improve the turf in terms of aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Technical features that guarantee our clients a 100% safe artificial grass that meets our clients´ needs and improve their quality of life.  

Our products have a composition and technical features specifically developed to meet our clients´ needs.  They improve the safety of our children, increase the drainage and bactericidal system for our pets, complying with all European and international safety standards.

We believe at Realturf that our lifestyle needs to be in balance with the environment.  This requires concrete facts and tangible actions:

  3. ISO 14001

This is why we work with sustainable products and solutions.  This allows all of us, who are part of the values chain, to get an active role with the environment, with the triple objective of: Recycling, Reusing and Reducing.

Our Clients


Partners requirements

  • Financial Solvency- This aspect will be taken into consideration to guarantee that the candidate can face the initial investment and activity that is required.
  • Entrepreneurship- One of the most important qualities we value at Realturf is an entrepreneurial and business-oriented attitude.
  •  Previous experience- General knowledge in the installation and maintenance of artificial grass is a key success factor we will take into account to become a partner.
  • Working Capacity- Daily work guarantees the great possibilities of success offered by our business program.
  • Motivation and Enthusiasm- Being in tune with Realturf values and looking forward to the challenges of joining a leading company in its area, are some of the most important factors in the daily life of a supplier.

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