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Is the use of the artificial lawn the same for garden and for sports?

No, at RealTurf
we design specific models for the use it will be given, both for the sporting field as for
gardening. The sporting artificial lawn goes through different trials to comply with the
standards of each discipline, whether it be paddle, tennis, or football. While the artificial
lawn for gardening is designed especially for use in gardens and terraces, prepared to
answer to the consumer wishes.

Maintenance Characteristics Instalation


How could I prolong the useful life of the artificial lawn?

The useful life of the artificial lawn varies according to the use and wear it gets. The maintenance is an important factor to take into account so that the artificial lawn stays perfect longer. In this way, the more it is cared for, the more it will endure.

Can the artificial lawn break or tear?

It is really difficult that RealTurf artificial lawn breaks or tears nevertheless, it might happen exceptionally due to bad installation, improper placement of umbrellas or any unforeseeable accident. In which case, it would
not be necessary to change the entire lawn, only the torn or broken piece could be changed.

Does the artificial lawn require frequent maintenance?

The cleansing of the artificial lawn is fairly simple and requires little effort. It’s enough to brush every 15 days to lift the fibers in the heavy traffic areas. It is also convenient to hose every 15 days to eliminate dust and small residues. Our specialized product Realsmell, enzymatic cleanser, is ideal for occasional application in case you have pets.


Is the artificial lawn resistant to cold and very low temperatures?

At RealTurf we have designed resistant fibers that withstand perfectly low temperatures and the most extreme weather changes.

Can the artificial lawn catch fire?

The artificial lawn RealTruf does not burn nor does it spread the fire throughout it thanks to our Fire Proof technology.

Can it change color?

All our models of RealTurf artificial lawn have passed different specific trials against UV rays which prevent that the artificial lawn loses its color with time.

Can it puddle if it rains?

No, our products possess Max Drain technology especially
designed to offer three times superior drainage than other models in our competition.

Does it look like natural lawn?

Thanks to our I+D department, we design models that
look more and more like natural lawn, eliminating the main inconveniences of natural lawn.

How long will it take to recover the investment of the artificial lawn?

It is possible to
repay the installation of the artificial lawn in less than two years after its purchase. The
installation of the artificial lawn does not require as much maintenance as the natural one
and has a useful life of up to 15 years.

Is it affected by chlorine?

At RealTurf, we guarantee its durability, besides it will not suffer damages from chlorine action, ultra violet rays or humidity.

Can the artificial lawn be installed near the pool?

The artificial lawn RealTurf is a strong and resistant product capable of withstanding the intense activity of spaces with a pool.

Does the artificial lawn produce allergies?

Thanks to the “Landscape Eco” technology
developed for RealTurf, the fibers are treated with an anti-bacteria formula to prevent its
proliferation and maintain your lawn free from bacteria. Also, the artificial lawn reduces
significantly the presence of mosquitoes and insects.

Is the artificial lawn resistant to animals and roots?

All the gardening models of Real
Turf offer “Long-life” technology, with fibers which withstand the most extreme conditions.
In addition, these fibers are woven on a resistant polypropylene base which prevents that
nearby tree roots damage the product.

Is the artificial lawn/turf compatible with my pet?

Yes, pets enjoy artificial lawn as any other member of the family because of its softness, comfort and natural feel. Besides, at RealTurf we offer products especially developed for pets. The artificial lawn Oasis and Terranova feature technologies that provide maximum drainage “Max Drain” and they are totally free from bacteria “Landscape Eco”.


Is it necessary to use sand?

Although it is not completely necessary, at RealTruf we
recommend applying round silica sand, washed and of correct grain size. This material
fulfills the triple function of stabilizing fibers in order to maintain them straight, add weight
and increase freshness while keeping better humidity. The amount of filler to apply will
depend on the product installed.

Is it difficult to install the artificial lawn?

The installation of the artificial lawn is not
complicated although it requires following guidelines since the best lawn is always
accompanied by correct installation. On the following link we explain the step by step

installation of your artificial lawn over tile: https:// realturfcompany.com/cesped-artificial-
baldosa/. In case of doubts, it is always best to rely on the assistant of a qualified RealTurf


Instalation Characteristics Maintenance
What is the execution and installation time for a football field?

The execution time for artificial lawn football field is between 10 to 15 working days. Half of this time corresponds to the installation of the lawn and the markings. The other half of the time is taken to the topdressing of silica and rubber which is used in the majority of the cases.

If we talk about football fields with civil labor (excavations, drainage, lighting, etc.), the execution time will depend on the amount of civil labor but it will last between three and four months approximately, being the summer period the most recommended for its execution.

How are the markings done on a football field?

The marking lines, both white and yellow, are made of the same material as the rest of the football field. All the lines are tested according to the required parameters in FIFA QUALITY CONCEPT. This type of line marking may come inserted in the lawn itself at the moment of manufacturing, or it may be inserted during its installation in the field. In this second case, the marking lines will be cut and glued together with union tape and two-component polyurethane glue. In neither case, will the marking lines be painted.

Over which surface can artificial lawn for football be installed?

Nowadays in Spain asphalt is used as most common base in artificial lawn installations for football. The planimetry and durability which is achieved with one or two asphalt coats make it a sure bet for the upmost finish quality of the sporting installation.

Nonetheless, the lawn installation for football is also possible over perfectly leveled gravel surfaces. In which case, previous to the lawn installation, a polyethylene sheet is installed over the gravel, to avoid as much as possible, water from getting to the sub-base and the possible appearance of soft spots.

Is there any type of criteria or norm to regulate football fields with artificial lawn?

Yes, there are numerous norms which regulate the paving for sporting use in countries such as Italy, France or Norway, where they have their own national regulating standards. In this context, a new European Norm UNE EN15330-1 was created for artificial grass surfaces designed for exterior use, creating a common standard in Europe. At an international level the most extensive reference is FIFA QUALITY CONCEPT, whose objective is create an international standard for the use of artificial lawn FOR recreational football fields – FIFA QUALITY and for professionals FIFA QUALITY PRO.

Is there lawn for football which does not require filling?

Not completely. With the last generation of artificial lawn the rubber filling has been replaced by curly synthetic fibers. The damping due to the loss of filling is substituted thanks to the elastic base placed between the ground and the synthetic lawn. Despite this, all artificial lawn materials for sport use require at least one load of sand of 15 to 20 kg., which provide sufficient stability so that the player interacts with the surface in the correct way according to the parameters of established norms. One of the most recognized models in the market is our last generation product Combo Max.

What football shoes are recommended to play on artificial fields?

In order to play on 3rd generation artificial lawn, we could use AG (Artificial Grass) soles of 21 cleats or the more recent AG soles of 13 cleats, these last have been created so that the player used to competing on natural surface does not reject the AG soles and may enjoy with a sole that resembles the traditional one used on natural surfaces.

Is there any type of criteria or norm to regulate tennis/paddle courts with artificial lawn?

The FEP Spanish Paddle Federation contemplates a norm to assess different synthetic pavements for Paddle practice. A homologation implies that after an evaluation process, the product is in accordance with the established regulation by the FEP. The technical function of artificial lawn includes the properties that ensure that the pavement will maintain its appearance during a specific time depending on the use to which it is subjected as well as the environmental conditions under which it’s installed. Our fibrillated and monofilament models comply with the indicated norm.


Is the artificial lawn glued to the ground when installed?

No, the lawn has to float over the installation surface to avoid wrinkles. The edges may be glued in order to avoid that the wind lifts the surface.


What is 3G lawn?

The artificial lawn surfaces have been used for the last decades for all types of sport practices. Although the real revolution occurred at the beginning of the nineties when artificial lawn manufacturers began to develop surfaces specially designed for football practice. The third generation artificial lawn emerges and with it a new game surface which adapts to the characteristics of the sport and of the players who practice it. The best technologies of the new generation are the incorporation of rubber granules between the lawn fibers as well as greater height and separation of the synthetic grass blades.

Does water drain through the artificial lawn?

As a matter of fact, all RealTurf systems have holes which are designed and placed consistently along all the lawn to drain and to guarantee the water flows in a fast and efficient way and it does not build up on the surface. The games and practices can often take place during heavy rain or immediately afterwards, yet thanks to our drainage technology it reduces the risk of slips and injuries.
The bases over which the RealTurf systems are installed should also be designed to provide superior drainage properties. Our technical department offers our clients the recommended specifications to guarantee the entire system, from the subbase to the lawn, drain perfectly and allow the sport practice under any circumstance.


Is it necessary to perform maintenance on the artificial lawn?

A minimum care and regular maintenance is necessary for any surface of artificial lawn in order to keep its best state. We believe that maintenance is not a luxury but a necessity so that you may enjoy of a surface with perfect condition for a longer time. Contact our technical team at RealTurf so that the recommend the best maintenance plan for your installation.