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Realturf´s social awareness of human rights has led it to become a new member of the international non-profit organization SEDEX (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade), successfully fulfilling all aspects of its SMETA social audit and obtaining the WFSGI(World Federation Sporting Goods Industry) code of conduct based on the mentioned international standards.

Realturf is commited to provide a safe, healthy work environment for employees.  We follow the management of safety and health at the workplace standards stated in the ISO 45001 that includes the following principles:

  • Motivate and encourage employees by involving them in the consultation and participation processes.
  • Ongoing improvements of working conditions.
  • Make easier the relationships between international as well as national suppliers, clients, and collaborators .

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Realturf´s code of ethics confirms that our decissions and actions are based on our values.  It is essential to express our ethical views and to clearly establish our principles, values and responsabilities. They guide our conduct in the relationships we have with the market and the people who work with us.

This code of ethics offers an opportunity to formalize the well-established excellence and create guidelines to address future complexities we may have to face.

We are commited to carry out all the activities of our business in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards and expect all employees and others acting on our behalf to abide by this commitment.