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    Did you know...

    ...a soccer field can consume 52,000 liters of water per day? This would be equivalent to the daily water consumption of about 380 people.

    Installing artificial grass is not only an issue of sustainability. in your favorite place can mean annual savings on your water bill. We show you some examples below...

    50 m2


    litres saved per year

    150 m2


    litres saved per year

    300 m2


    litres saved per year


    On the occasion of World Water Day, at Realturf we wanted to focus on water savings in your garden. However, the use of fertilizers, fertilizers and other chemical products also affect the Environment.

    Artificial grass does not require the use of chemicals for maintenance. Brush it from time to time and clean it with neutral pH soap and water to always have it like the first day.

    Discover the litres of water saved thanks to people like you.


    litres saved thanks to all of you during 2023.

    We could fill more than 1,600 Olympic swimming pools thanks to your contribution.
    Saving time for you and your loved ones while taking care of the environment is easier thanks to your artificial grass.

    Water in 2025

    It seems that the real lack of water is far away, but some studies claim that water demand will increase by 55% due to the size of the population in 2050, just 27 years from now.

    We will be 7.694 million people!

    Raising awareness now is essential for our near future.