Oasis Artificial Turf

Naturalness and quality for your pets
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25 mm
2.300 g
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When we seek to create a green space and have pets, we must take many aspects into account. Our Oasis model will meet all your expectations, being an ideal model for pets.

It is a 25 mm high artificial grass model, perfect for areas with intensive use. Choosing the correct height of artificial grass will help you minimize the hours you invest in its care. In addition, it looks very natural thanks to its Look&Feel technology that combines various types of fibers, colors and heights.

Our entire collection of artificial grass has KidsProof technology that ensures that the product is as safe as a toy and BacteriaFree technology that ensures that it is an antibacterial product.

Don’t worry about your animals, what do we know they bite everything! For this reason, it is also important that you choose a resistant model for them, its LongLife technology guarantees greater durability so that you can keep it for many more years as the first day.

Something that also stands out about this product is its MaxDrain technology, which doubles the drainage capacity of other products on the market.

With its C and D-shaped MaxRecover and BodyShape technologies, it saves time on maintenance, as this model has superior recovery, as well as having a supernatural appearance thanks to the Look&Feel, which blends types of fibers, colors and heights to achieve the total naturalness of the product.

All our artificial grass models do not spread fire. Feel calm if you install it in your garden near the barbecue.

No matter where you live, our artificial grass collection is ready to withstand the coldest and hottest climates.

  • Recommended use: Terraces, Balconies, Pools, Patios, Pets
  • Type of use: high traffic