El Barxell FIFA football field, Petrer

Location Petrer, Alicante , Spain
Type Turf Xtreme Pro 60

Thanks to Realturf’s artificial turf for football, players will enjoy maximum game interaction and recovery after the game on this football pitch in Petrer, which can hold more than 1,300 spectators.

This pitch has been certified as FIFA Quality. The pitches certified with this distinction pass a series of demanding tests of durability, resistance, safety and interaction with the game.

Realturf Xtremo Pro 60 is our latest generation 60mm high artificial turf made with semi-concave monofilaments, 100% Polyethylene, with three asymmetrical memory effect ribs and a sporty green two-tone.

More than 1,300 spectators will be able to enjoy matches with the highest quality sports fields in the world.