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Artificial turf 40 mm – 45 mm – 60 mm

Our artificial turf models of 40 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm height have a high fibre density and a very natural texture for greater comfort. The long artificial turf is ideal for areas of moderate use such as gardens or private swimming pools. Thanks to the low maintenance, water saving and high realism., More and more people are choosing to create their favourite place with artificial turf.

In addition, high fibre artificial turf is characterised by high flexibility and damping, unlike products with shorter fibres where a key feature is the feeling of resistance underfoot. On the one hand, the flexibility means that they bend more easily and are more durable. Offer more softness and less resistance to touch. Cushioning, on the other hand, is achieved due to the coupling of the straight and crimped fibres as they bend together to form a pleasantly cushioned area.

If you love natural grass but don’t have enough time for its maintenance, don’t hesitate, get a premium garden with our 40 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm artificial grass models.

  • Type of use: moderate
  • Recommended installation in: gardens of high standing, playgrounds, private swimming pools, high-end private green areas in general.

Naturalness at the highest level!

Among this range of products, we highlight our Absolute model, which features the technology SoftMax and SoftLand, technologies that make the product incredibly soft and help absorb impacts – perfect for our little ones!

The Nature model is the only one in our gardening collection with a height of 60mm. This model features, among others, the following technologies Look&Feel to avoid glare and provide a more natural look and the technology LongLife which extends the life of the product.

All our artificial turf models long are:

  • Fireproof: do not spread fire
  • KidsProof: as safe as a toy
  • BacteriaFree: free of bacteria
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