10 Drills to Practice on Your Backyard Putting Green

Interested in an artificial turf putting green installation in Las Vegas, but not sure it’ll actually help improve your game? That’s a common concern we encounter with our clients. It’s understandable – how close can a backyard putting green come  to an actual golf course?

Our answer? Very, very close when you’re working with Realturf. We’ve engineered our synthetic putting greens to meticulously mimic the look, feel, and performance of professional-grade greens. 

In fact, many of our clients find that the convenience and accessibility of a backyard putting green allows them to practice more frequently and consistently, leading to even faster improvement than they’d experience at a traditional course.

Here’s a preview of some drills you can practice on our golf putting green turf:

1. The Ladder Drill (Distance Control)

Distance control is crucial for consistent putting. To perform this drill, place balls at 3, 6, 9, and 12 feet from the hole. The goal is to make each putt before moving to the next distance. 

This drill builds confidence in your short putts and helps you judge distance on longer putts. The true roll of a well-installed artificial green provides the perfect surface for honing your distance control.

Pro Tip: Focus on your tempo and make sure to use the same stroke for each distance to develop a consistent feel.

2. The Clock Drill (Reading Breaks)

Reading greens accurately is another skill you can practice on a backyard putting green. Arrange balls at 3-foot intervals around the hole, mimicking the positions of a clock face. Putt from each “hour” to master proper speed and break from different angles.

3. The 1-2-3 Drill (Lag Putting)

Want to avoid 3-putts? Practice your lag putting as often as you can. Hit three putts each from 10, 20, and 30 feet. This drill covers a range of distances and helps you develop a feel for longer putts. 

Pro Tip: Focus on getting the ball within a 3-foot circle around the hole to improve your chances of sinking the next putt.

4. The Path Drill (Alignment and Stroke Path)

Proper alignment and a straight stroke path are fundamentals of good putting. The uniform surface of an artificial green provides a reliable platform for working on these mechanics. 

To start your path drill practice session, lay alignment sticks to create a narrow path to the hole. This visual cue reinforces starting your putts on line and developing a straight-back, straight-through stroke. 

Pro Tip: Practice this drill with your eyes closed to enhance your feel for the correct stroke path.

5. The Tiger Gate Drill (Center Contact)

Striking putts with the center of the putter face is key for accuracy and distance control. Try doing this on a backyard green: place tees just wider than your putter head on either side of your ball. This drill forces you to make contact with the sweet spot, a skill that’s easier to practice on the true roll of an artificial green.

Pro Tip: Use impact tape on your putter face to get visual feedback on where you are striking the ball.

6. The Distance Control Drill (Feel and Touch)

Developing a delicate touch on shorter putts is essential for saving par and it’s quite easy to do on artificial grass. Put towels placed at different lengths on your green, aiming to stop the ball on each towel. This drill helps refine your distance control and feel. 

7. The 2 Tee Drill (Speed and Line)

Matching your speed to the break is key to holing more putts. The consistent roll of our artificial grass lets you focus on these factors without worrying about imperfections in the surface. Set two tees just wider than the hole and practice hitting putts between them from various distances. This drill synchronizes your speed and line. 

8. The Meter Stick Drill (Stroke Mechanics)

A consistent, repeatable stroke is a hallmark of a great putter. Putt along a meter stick placed on your intended line. The stick provides visual feedback on your stroke path, helping you develop a more reliable stroke. The predictable surface of an artificial green is perfect for ingraining these mechanics.

Pro Tip: Practice this drill daily to build muscle memory for a consistent stroke.

9. The Par 18 Drill (Pressure and Variety)

Pick nine locations of varying distance and difficulty on your green. Putt from each spot, aiming to 2-putt. Scoring 18 or better sharpens your overall putting and simulates on-course pressure. 

10. The Pressure Drill (Short Putt Confidence)

Confidence on short putts is crucial to lowering your scores. Putt five balls from 3 feet. If you make all five, move to 4 feet. Continue until you miss. This drill builds confidence and banishes the yips. 

Pro Tip: Use a pre-shot routine to maintain consistency and focus under pressure.

Learn More

These are just a few of the drills you can use to sharpen your short game on a realistic backyard putting green. But to really nail those putts, you need the right kind of green to practice on. That’s where Realturf comes in.

We don’t just install artificial turf in Las Vegas; we’re all about helping golfers up their game. Our team will work with you to design the perfect putting green for your space and budget, then install a top-quality surface that can handle all the practice you can throw at it.

Reach out to Realturf today by sending a message or calling 773-517-7798. We’d love to chat about what you have in mind and how we can help you turn that into reality right in your own backyard.