Can a Backyard Putting Green Improve Your Golf Game - realturf 2

Can You Really Get Better at Golf With a Backyard Putting Green in Las Vegas?

  For passionate golfers, sinking those game-changing putts can be the difference between victory and defeat. However, carving out dedicated practice time for putting can be a challenge. Enter the backyard putting green – a strategic solution that transforms your Las Vegas outdoor space into a personal putting oasis.  The Transformative Power of Convenient Practice…

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Creating a Dog-Proof Artificial Grass Oasis - realturf 1

Can Dogs Really Destroy Artificial Grass in Las Vegas?

  As a dog owner, you want a beautiful yard that’s safe and enjoyable for your furry friend. But visions of shredded turf, dug-up patches, and unsightly stains might fuel doubts about artificial grass in Las Vegas. Let’s dive into the realities of artificial grass and dogs, providing tips for a pet-friendly yard that looks…

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Should You Get a Backyard Putting Green - realturf 3

How Artificial Grass Can Reduce Pest Problems

  Tired of dealing with creepy crawlies, relentless bugs, and frustrating infestations in your natural lawn? Residential artificial turf may be the secret to reclaiming your outdoor paradise. Artificial grass offers a unique, surprisingly effective way to minimize pest issues compared to its traditional counterpart: 1. Nothing More to Feast On Many insects, rodents, and…

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Should You Get a Backyard Putting Green - realturf 2

Beyond the Hype: Is a Backyard Putting Green the Right Choice for You?

  Have you ever driven home from the golf course, wishing you had more time to play? Maybe you’ve even thought about having your own backyard putting green – something many pros already have. The image is idyllic – a tranquil escape to hone your short game, impress your friends, and maybe shave a few…

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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs - realturf 1

Understanding the Safety Features of Artificial Grass for Dogs

  The joy of watching your dog frolic in your backyard shouldn’t be overshadowed by concerns about their well-being. While natural grass might seem like the obvious choice, artificial grass offers a surprising number of safety advantages that make it a strong alternative for backyards where dogs spend time in: Pesticide and Chemical-Free Zone Traditional…

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A Quick Look at Realturf Certifications for Artificial Grass - Realturf 3

Quick Look: Realturf Certifications for Residential Artificial Turf

At Realturf, we’re committed to providing you with beautiful, high-quality residential artificial turf that’s also good for the environment and safe for your family. To achieve this, we prioritize independent testing and certifications that ensure our products meet the highest standards.  But what exactly do these certifications mean for you as a homeowner? Let’s break…

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Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Your Home Gym - Realturf 2

Why Realturf Artificial Grass Is Ideal for Home Gym Flooring

Creating a home gym is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy without the hassle of crowded gyms or expensive memberships. But what about the flooring? Choosing the right surface is crucial for safety, comfort, and durability, especially when dealing with heavy equipment and rigorous workouts. Here’s why Realturf artificial grass is an excellent…

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Artificial Grass for Putting Greens vs Landscaping - Realturf 1

Tee Up the Differences: Artificial Grass for Putting Greens vs. Landscaping

Artificial grass has changed how we decorate outdoor spaces and play sports, providing a long-lasting, easy-care option instead of real grass. And while synthetic turf products may look the same to the untrained eye, there are actually huge differences between each one. For instance, to give you the best artificial putting green experience, we use…

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Transform Your Facility's Courts with Artificial Grass Built for Padel Tennis

Artificial Grass for Padel vs Natural Grass and Concrete

One reason padel tennis is skyrocketing in popularity is because it’s just so much fun! The speedy volleys, crisp strategizing, and all-around excitement make for addictive play.  But those quick starts and stops, sharp cuts,and dives common in padel take a major toll on court surfaces over time. Materials unsuited for these demands break down…

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Does Artificial Grass Stop Dogs From Digging Up Lawns

Does Artificial Grass Stop Dogs from Digging?

Dogs are born diggers. Once those paws come into contact with soil, it’s over. Before long, you’ll have holes and uprooted grass all over your lawn, plus a dirty pup.  While it can be a huge headache, digging is a natural behavior for dogs and natural grass is particularly suited to the activity. The soft,…

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