Artificial Grass Features That Help Keep Turf Cool

As you consider installing artificial grass in your yard, you may be concerned about how hot it can get, especially if you live in a warmer climate. We design Realturf artificial grasses with innovative cooling technologies to prevent heat buildup, keeping your lawn comfortable even during the hottest summer days. Here’s how they work:

Realturf’s FiberFresh Technology

Realturf products come with our exclusive FiberFresh technology, designed to keep our artificial grass cooler than regular synthetic turf.

Regular artificial grass gets hot mainly because it absorbs and retains heat from sunlight. To combat that, our FiberFresh technology can refract sunlight, leading to temperature reduction by as much as 12 degrees.

MaxDrain Backing Enhances Air Circulation

Our artificial grass also features a special permeable backing which allows air, heat, and moisture to pass through rather than getting trapped. This backing is created using our MaxDrain technology, which triples the backing perforations compared to typical turf backing.

This extra- breathable backing enhances airflow between the artificial grass and the ground beneath, further preventing excessive heat buildup. And, the improved circulation cools the underside of the turf and stops it from radiating more heat upwards.

Cooling Infill Lowers Temperature Further

Depending on your needs, we can also recommend special cooling infill products for your installation. For instance, walnut infill can be an excellent choice for an artificial putting green, while Hydrochill infill is a great option for residential applications.

Strategic Turf Placement Reduces Direct Sun Exposure

To further keep your artificial grass cool, avoid installing it in areas that receive intense, constant sun exposure. Strategically place your turf under shade structures or trees, which protect it from excessive solar radiation. If needed, you can install custom shade sails over your lawn to block out intense overhead sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.

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