Artificial grass for padel

Are you ready to play? Artificial turf for padel is designed to offer numerous advantages over other surfaces such as: higher performance, high resistance, comfortable surface for the player, easy cleaning and maintenance, less risk of injury and abrasion and natural ball bounce. Moreover, our artificial turf systems are designed for indoor and outdoor padel courts.

We are officially sponsors of USPA (US Padel Association). From now on, we hope to grow and bring awareness to the sport of padel and assist facilities with their turf needs.

Top quality for your court!

We have designed and manufactured our collection of artificial grass for sports such as  padel, developing high performance artificial turf for professionals as well as private clubs. Our different padel turf products have been developed according to the EFF standards, and the suitability to practice this sport has been tested in independent laboratories.


Description and characteristics

Realturf USA has two types of padel products in a wide range of colors, and each one of them has specific characteristics for the desired surface type.

Monofilament artificial grass

Drive Pro artificial grass is characterized by monofilament fibers with a memory effect. The monofilament has three nerves, MaxRecover Realtech® technology that helps the fiber to regain its verticality.

  • Pros: Durable, resistant, and very high recovery padel grass. The game is slower than on fibrillated surfaces, and tends to please the vast majority of players.
  • Cons: The surface must be brushed periodically to level the silica fillings.
  • Colours: Green, Blue, Rust, White
  • Recommended use: Padel clubs with high traffic use.

Textured monofilament artificial grass

Padel Pro artificial grass is characterized using textured monofilaments. This product doesn’t go through a cutting process as the fibrillated products, but it goes through second texturing process where the monofilament is curled.

  • Pros: It resembles a fibrillated grass by being curled but keeps a superior durability. This type of fibers gives the surface a faster game and stabilizes the filling better, so the bouncing is more regular on this type of surfaces. The product will look with less filler material and the color will be more vivid.
  • Cons: The fibers suffer greater wear in the texturizing process, so the durability of this surface is less than the monofilament with memory effect surface.
  • Colours: Green, Blue, White.
  • Recommended use: Padel clubs with high traffic use.