How to Fix Flat Houston Artificial Turf With a Power Broom: A Comprehensive Guide

Houston artificial turf provides a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to natural lawns around patios. However, over time, it can lose its vibrant appearance and become flat due to heavy foot traffic. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution to reviving your synthetic turf and restoring its fullness and resilience: using a power broom. 

Why Does Artificial Grass Get Flat?

Synthetic grass installed in high-traffic areas like patios is prone to becoming compressed and flat. They receive constant foot traffic, causing the artificial grass fibers to lay flat. 

This compression reduces the natural resilience of the turf, resulting in an unattractive appearance. Imagine a well-trodden path between your garden and patio. These high-activity areas require regular maintenance to prevent flatness from becoming a permanent issue.

The great news is that, with the right upkeep, synthetic turf can stand up straight again. You can do it by hand by scrubbing the turf upright with a brush or take the more efficient route with a power broom.

what is a power broom

What Is a Power Broom?

A power broom is a specialized tool used to revive flat artificial grass. It has rotating brushes that vigorously lift the synthetic blades, redistributing infill and restoring the turf’s original level of fullness.

Power brooms are typically motorized and adjustable to different speeds and angles, making them efficient for large areas or small sections of Houston artificial turf.

Why Use a Power Broom?

Using a power broom to fix flat artificial grass offers several advantages over other tools. Look at the benefits:

Efficient and Effective

A power broom is specifically designed for synthetic turf maintenance, making it a highly efficient and effective tool for revitalizing flat areas. Its rotating brushes deeply penetrate the turf, lifting and separating the flattened blades to restore volume and natural bounce.

Compared to other tools like rakes or brushes, a power broom can cover larger areas and provide a more even and thorough result in less time.

Even Infill Distribution

A power broom can evenly distribute infill material across the synthetic turf. As the brushes lift the flattened blades, they also redistribute the infill, filling in voids and ensuring a consistent layer throughout the lawn.

Ensuring even infill distribution not only enhances the aesthetics of the grass but also helps maintain proper drainage and overall performance.

Versatility and Adjustability

Power brooms offer a range of adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the brushing intensity and accommodate various types of synthetic grass. This versatility makes power brooms suitable for different pile heights and blade materials.

By adjusting the brush speed and angle, you can avoid damaging the turf while still achieving optimal results. This adaptability ensures that the power broom can be used on a wide range of artificial grass surfaces without causing any harm.

Time and Labor Savings

When compared to manual tools, a power broom significantly reduces the time and labor required to revive flat artificial grass. The motorized operation and efficient brushing action cover larger areas swiftly, saving you valuable time and effort.

With a power broom, you can complete the task of fixing flat areas in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional tools, leaving you with more leisure time to enjoy your beautiful, bouncy lawn.

Long-term Maintenance Benefits

Regularly utilizing a power broom not only fixes flat artificial grass but also helps to maintain its overall health and longevity.

By restoring the turf’s natural resilience, a power broom prevents permanent flattening and keeps the synthetic fibers in an upright position for extended periods. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance or potential replacements, saving you both time and money in the long run.

6 steps to revive your synthetic grass with a power broom

6 Steps to Revive Your Synthetic Grass With a Power Broom

Follow these steps to turn your flat artificial grass in or around your patio into a lush, vibrant oasis again:

1. Inspect the Flat Areas

Carefully examine your artificial grass to identify the sections that have become flat. Look for areas where the blades are compressed or matted down, indicating a loss of resilience and fullness.

Once you pinpoint these areas, mark them for easy reference during the power brooming process. This step ensures that you focus only on the areas that require attention, saving time and effort.

2. Clear the Surface

Before using the power broom, remove any debris, leaves, or loose infill from the surface of your synthetic grass. This allows for a clean working area and prevents any interference with the power broom’s performance.

Use a leaf blower, a plastic rake, or a stiff bristle broom to clear away the unwanted debris. By clearing the surface, you ensure that the power broom can effectively lift the blades and distribute the infill evenly.

3. Adjust the Power Broom

Before you begin power brooming, adjust the settings of your power broom according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Set the appropriate speed and angle that will not damage the turf while still providing sufficient brushing intensity.

Power broom models often have specific instructions, so refer to the user manual for guidance. Properly adjusting the power broom ensures optimal results and prevents any unintentional harm to your synthetic grass.

4. Start Power Brooming

Begin power brooming from one side of the flat area and work your way towards the other side. Use parallel back-and-forth sweeping motions, applying moderate pressure while maintaining a steady pace.

The rotating brushes of the power broom will effectively penetrate the turf, lifting the flattened synthetic blades and redistributing the infill evenly. Be sure to cover the entire flat area systematically to achieve consistent results.

5. Overlap the Sweeping Passes

To ensure complete coverage of the flat area, overlap each pass by approximately 25%. This technique helps prevent any missed sections and ensures that all parts of the artificial grass receive the necessary uplift.

Overlapping the sweeping passes guarantees that the power broom reaches all flattened areas, restoring the turf’s fullness consistently and avoiding any patchy or uneven appearance.

6. Repeat if Necessary

For heavily compacted areas or sections that remain flat after the initial power brooming, consider repeating the process. By thoroughly brushing these stubborn areas once more, you can encourage the synthetic blades to stand tall again.

Depending on the severity of the flattening, it may take multiple sessions before you fully restore your turf’s natural appearance. Be patient and persistent, as each round of power brooming will gradually revive your Houston artificial turf.

Keep Your Artificial Lawn Looking Its Best

Don’t let flat artificial grass spoil the beauty of your landscape. By using a power broom, you can easily restore your synthetic turf’s fullness and vibrant appearance.

If you’re in the market for premium artificial grass that’s resistant to foot traffic, we have you covered here at RealTurf USA. Besides top-notch synthetic turf products, we also offer professional landscaping and turf installation services. Contact us online or call us at 773-517-7798 for a free consultation.