RealTurf Deluxe for Pools: A Long-Term Investment Worth Exploring

Have you grown tired of the constant expense and effort needed to maintain a natural lawn around your pool? Maybe you’ve even slipped on bare, slick areas while moving between your pool and outdoor living space. You’re not alone. These are common challenges faced by pool owners across California.

But don’t despair! RealTurf Deluxe Artificial Grass presents a game-changing solution for your poolside landscaping woes. Here’s how it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to transform your pool:

Superior Drainage System

Pool splashes can lead to waterlogged grass and muddy patches. However, this premium artificial grass features an advanced drainage system. It quickly expels water, keeping the surface dry, clean, and free from a muddy mess – perfect for a day of poolside fun!

Safety First

RealTurf Deluxe synthetic turf is not slippery when wet. Its unique texture offers a better grip, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer environment for your family and friends.

Resistant and Durable

Dealing with discoloration from chlorine or sun? This deluxe artificial grass is exceptionally durable and resistant to discoloration, maintaining its lush green hue for years, despite exposure to pool chemicals and intense California sun.

Low Maintenance

Imagine saving all that time and money typically consumed by mowing, watering, and fertilizing! With this evergreen turf around your pool, caring for your poolscape becomes a breeze, slashing maintenance costs over the long run.

Comfortable and Soft

There’s something inviting about the feel of soft grass underfoot. The plush and comfortable surface of RealTurf Deluxe adds to a delightful year-round barefoot experience while lounging or playing by the pool.

Upgrade Your Poolside Area!

As passionate experts in artificial grass solutions in California, we’re excited to aid you in your journey toward transforming your pool area into a stunning, low-maintenance, and safe haven. 

Contact us online at Real Turf USA today and schedule your free consultation. You can also call us at 773-517-7798. Let’s redefine your outdoor experience together!