Solutions to have a perfect grass

There are many advantages in using artificial grass: its durability, low maintenance, its natural look and beauty, and the saving of water. Artificial grass is not a product that gives many problems, but we must take certain precautions to prevent any possible mishaps.

In this post we’ll talk about what kind of solutions we can find in order to have a perfect artificial Grass and finally, we’ll give a series of tips to avoid any future problems.

Artificial grass: Tips and Solutions

The most important factors that can impact the perfect long-term condition of the artificial grass are: how much we use it and its minimum, but necessary, maintenance.

Next, we’ll give answers to a series of situations that can happen in any installation, both in sports and gardening: artificial grass problems in swimming pools installations, in terraces and patios, gardens, etc.

1. What happens if the artificial grass breaks?

This may happen when there’s a poor installation, where wrinkles were left or due to some unforeseeable accident.

SOLUTION: If the seams are detached, it could be solved by simply gluing the seams together. If there’s a hole made by a sharp object, for example, the broken piece can be replaced and installed. If you have any doubts, always call a professional to help you.

2. How to solve problems with stagnation of water?

This is a situation that may arise from a good lawn installation that was not done with all the slopes required.

SOLUTION: If this happens, you have to install several layers of materials such as stone or gravel, and even a draining pipe. With the artificial grass from Realturf you get a double drainage system thanks to the Maxdrain system, which reduces to the minimum this type of draining problems. This system also makes our lawn optimal if you have pets. If you use a weedblock mesh to provide stability and prevent the spreak of weeds make sure it is permeable. This guarantees the control of the drainage system in rainy seasons to avoid water stagnation.

3. How to lower the temperature of the artificial grass during seasons of long sun exposure?

During summer season or in areas where the sun is hot all year long, artificial grass can reach high temperatures like any other surface.

watering artificial turf

SOLUTION: To lower high temperatures in artificial grass, you can water it every once in a while. For example, if you plan to spend the afternoon in your garden in a sunny summer day, you can water it a little earlier. This will make it look beautiful and lower its temperature, giving a refreshing look to the surface. Using silica sand as a filling will also help in keeping the temperature of your artificial grass more stable.

4. What should you do if liquid like coffee or beer is spilled on the lawn?

SOLUTION: It’s recommended to clean the stain with water and soap as soon as possible. Dirt will filter through the backing easily. If you need to remove gum, apply ice. To remove organic waste, insects and other waste, you can use a mix of white vinegar and water in equal proportions. When you are trying to remove stains, you should also pass a brush after you clean it to return the hair of the fiber back to its upright position, so it recovers its natural look.

5. Humidity problems.

Occasionally, mold spots may appear in areas where there is contact with other materials in shady areas.

SOLUTION: You can find hydrogen peroxide solution which will remove mold stains.

6. How to decrease the static load that may accumulate with artificial grass?

Static electricity is the accumulation of electrical charge that occur in a natural way in elements with low conductivity. Artificial grass is an element with zero conductivity, so when it comes in contact with other elements, it may give small cramps, especially if we touch any nearby metal objects.

SOLUTION: There are products capable of disspating the static electricity in the market. At Realturf we have our RealSmell, an enzymatic cleaner that cleans and eliminates any bacteria that may exist, giving a freschly cut grass smell, and also helps dissipate the static charge.


Another tip to prevent artificial grass from accumulating static charge is to fill the installation with silica sand. Silica sand also provides stability to the installation helping to keep the fibers of the grass upright.

Watering the lawsn every once in a while will also help decrease the static charge.

Finally, we must keep in mind that static electricity varies greatly depending on the weather, so the method you use to decrease the static charge will depend on the weather conditions.

About sports facilities

Due to the intensive use that is usually given to a sports facility with artificial grass, it’s probably more likely to have the following problems. But it’s very easy to prevent and find an easy solution.

  • The wear and tear of daily use, rain, irrigation and the pass of time cause the surface to harden. This can affect the drainage, elasticity and grip of the base. We must compact and aerate the filling with specialized machines.
  • The sports activity and daily use will make the lawn dirty, which will affect the drainage. We must regularly clean the installation with special machines that absorb the dirt and return the filling clean and loose.
  • Intensive use can cause the filling to shift or decrease, which will cause the fibers to open and eventually break. To help prevent this, keep the filling neatly distributed.

artificial turf infill

  • Continuous use and as time goes by causes the fiber to bend and not be upright. The solution is very simple, brushing from time to time will help the fibers always stay upright and in perfect condition.

Tips to avoid potential problems with artificial grass

1. The first and most important tip is no other than to choose a top quality artificial grass that fits your needs. At Realturf we have more than 18 years of experience in the industry and use new technologies in the development and manufacture of our products. Because of this, our lawn adapts to any environment and weather conditions, with a warranty of up to 10 years. We also have a wide range of products, both for gardening and sports, suitable for the different needs of our customers.

2. Check the surface throughtly before installing the artificial grass. It’s a natural surface, we advise to reclassify the surface to that there is a slope of at least 2% to allow for good drainage.

3. Before you buty the artificial grass, measure the surface carefully, and add 10% more for the waste that may be caused when installing. That way you will not be short of any material needed for joints or any other parts.

4. Check and make sure that all the hair is towards the same side.

5. If you are installing artificial grass on a natural surface, place a weedblock before installing the lawn. This will give stability to the installation and prevent weeds from spreading.

6. If you think the installation will be difficult for you, put yourself in the hands of professionals.

artificial turf professional work

7. To avoid problems of water stagnation, clean the remains of dirt, dry leaves, etc. that may fall on top of the installation. It’s also recommended to water the surface to remove dirt or dust that may accumulate on the fibers. This way the dirt can be easily filtered through the backing perforations.

8. Brush the lawn from time to time to lift the fibers that may be bent. This way your artificial grass will look as perfect as the first day.

9. Perform artificial grass maintenance and repair joints as soon as possible without leaving any gaps.

10. Avoid stepping on the lawn with dirty shoes or mud. You should also not step on the lawn with gum or grass on your shoe soles.

11. Check the drainage system during rainy seasons to avoid water accumulation.

12. Do not use hot objects, cigarettes, or fireworks on these type of synthetic surfaces. A quality artificial grass is fireproof, but if it comes in contact with fire, it could melt.

13. In case it snows, vacuum the snow and ice with a blower without sweeping the artificial grass. We don’t recommend using snowploughs to avoid damaging the fibers that may be destroyed with the mechanical action of these machines.

14. It is not advisable to put very heavy objects on the lawn, such as removable pools or park cars on it. Excessive weight will cause the fibers to crush. If you want to park your car in your artificial grass parking, a good idea is to make two lanes with some other materials such as concrete or stones, leaving the lawn on the sides and in the middle where the wheels of the cars can go through.

We hope this post has helped you learn more about artificial grass. If you have any questions or have any doubts, you may contact us at Realturf, and we’ll be glad to help you.