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What are the advantages of artificial turf over natural turf?


The benefits and advantages offered by the use of artificial turf over natural turf is increasing the number of people who choose artificial turf as their preferred selection.  These benefits and advantages make artificial turf the best selection for any type of surface.

Five benefits of artificial turf:

If you are planning on installing artificial turf, we offer you a list of some of the most important advantages from which you can benefit:

1. Low Maintenance: You won’t have to spend your free time from work or during the weekends working at your yard.  Artificial turf hardly needs to be taken care of.  You won’t have to water, mow or fertilize it.  Spend your free time enjoying your yard instead of working on it!

2. Saving water and helping the environment: Natural turf needs a lot of watering to stay in good conditions.  Artificial turf needs very little water to stay in top conditions.  The money you will save in water will clearly show in your water bill.   Sustainability and savings at your fingertips!

3. Maximum durability: Realturf guarantees a durability of at least 10 years once the artificial turf is installed.  Realturf offers a product warranty of 8 years after its installation.  Enjoying a high quality artificial turf for many years is possible with Realturf.

4. Weather resistant: Artificial turf will stay in perfect shape under all weather conditions. Whether it rains or there are high, intense temperatures, the high quality of the fibers will keep the artificial turf in good conditions.

5. Fire resistant and Drainage system: Artificial turf will guarantee your safety and of all those around you. With its fire resistant system there will be no danger in the artificial turf getting on fire.  The drainage system will protect the artificial turf from flooding with heavy rains.

All aspects about artificial turf are positive and offer advantages that will make your life easier letting you enjoy your free time in an ideal, natural environment.

If you would like more information or you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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