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Artificial grass with rain. How to drain?

One of the keys of a proper artificial grass installation is the drainage system. If the garden or surface where artificial turf is going to be installed is not able to drain by itself, it is necessary to install a drainage system.

Besides the drainage system, it is important to buy a high-quality artificial grass to avoid possible problems. In Realturf, we use the latest technologies to manufacture all our products. Thanks to our Maxdrain System, our products have a high-quality drainage. This system makes our product ideal for pets, giving a high drainage of liquids and dirt. If you would like more information about this system, click the following link to a video about our Maxdrain System.

We explain you some easy steps to follow to make a good drainage installation in hard and in organic surfaces:

Drainage system in hard surfaces

Artificial grass can be installed in any kind of surface, such as concrete, tiles or any kind of hard surface. As regards the surface’s drainage, slope is the most important issue to consider. In order to have an efficient drainage, paved or hard surfaces should have a 1 percent minimum slope.

Preparing a base with a slight slope for draining will avoid puddles appear, especially in places where it rains a lot. A proper base preparation will grant a long-lasting life for the turf. If there isn’t a drainage system before installing the turf, we will need to install one.

To complete the drainage system, RealTurf’s products (from the low pile range turf, such as BasicPlus or Essence, to the highest range, such as Deluxe or Absolute) incorporate holes ino the backing that help the water drain through the artificial grass ino the surface where its laid. A right drainage system will keep the turf beautiful and looking amazing for longer time.

Drainage system in organic surfaces

In gardens and backyards with soil or gravel ground, it is necessary a drainage system too. The process is a bit different from hard surfaces. However, the slope is also the most important issue to consider. In order to have an efficient drainage, organic or landscaped areas, should have a 2 percent minimum slope.

In addition to the slope, it is very important to prepare correctly the ground before the turf installation. First, we need to check the composition of the ground.

If it is a clay surface, a higher drainage system will be necessary.  At least 15 centimeters of gravel compacted layer is recommended.

If the installation surface has a good drain itself, where puddles don’t usually appear, we might install a 7 centimeters gravel layer. A recommended gravel for gardens is the river sand one.

Between the artificial turf and the ground layer, we recommend the use of a geotextile, in order to avoid weeds growing through the turf. This is not normal to happen, as the backing of the turf protects weeds growing. But, occasionally, they might grow through the drainage holes of the turf, and a geotextile will avoid this to happen.

A poor drainage system. Possible problems

An artificial grass installation with poor drainage system may develop some problems:

  • Puddles after a regular rain
  • Reduce the durability of the turf
  • Irregularity on the surface

Artificial turf professional installers know how to avoid all these problems and pay a high attention to the drainage system installation.

You can get very different budgets when you look for an artificial grass installation, but you must bear in mind that not all of them make the same quality installation. Look for the right information and the best professionals.

In Realturf we work for our customers satisfaction. We investigate every material, every manufacture process, using the latest technologies to get the best quality products.

If you want to make the right decision, get in touch with professionals, contact Realturf.

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