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Why installing second hand artificial grass in football fields is not a good option?

Many people would like to install artificial grass, but, sometimes, some of them think the price is too high if they don’t compare it with other pavements, or if they don’t think about the long-term saving.

On the other hand, there could be people who wonder if it is advisable to install second hand artificial grass. Generally, it is not advisable to install second hand artificial grass in any case, it doesn’t matter the surface or the use. But, especially, it is not advisable when we talk about sports facilities, such as football fields.

However, there are some exceptions, and second hand artificial grass could be used in some cases. We will talk about them later.

Is it right to install second hand artificial grass on football fields?

As we said before, it wouldn’t be right, and as follows, we explain why you mustn’t do it.

We don’t know its possible defects

Firstly, we don’t know where this turf comes from, who belonged to, where it was installed, what was it used for before, etc. Therefore, maybe we bought it as a good product, but it has different defects. It could have a deformed base, smashed and damaged fibers or even lack of fibers.

We don’t know its previous maintenance

Secondly, we don’t know if the second hand turf had a previous maintenance or which one had. So, we don’t know if it was cleaned regularly, if it has been disinfected, etc. Definitely, it could have some kind of bacteria and we don’t know about it, and this could damage children’s or adult’s health or even any pet’s health that is in contact with the surface.

We don’t have any reliable guarantee

Thirdly, we don’t have any reliable guarantee with a second hand artificial grass. If we have some problem, we won’t know where to go to sort it out. However, a brand new quality artificial grass has a reliable guarantee.

For instance, in Realturf we offer up to 10 years guarantee. You will always know where to go to solve any doubt.

Fiber’s memory

It will be impossible that you install the whole surface as it was previously. So, you will notice different colors and directions in the turf.

It is not cut to size

As you will have to fix different cuts, they will not suit with our new installation measures. The final look will be probably awful.

In conclusion, it would be totally wrong to install second hand artificial grass on a football field. Any kind of football field, professional or amateur, needs strong and resistant fiber. Fiber must be resilient, and it mustn’t be damaged despite its use. That is why, the best option is to buy a brand new and high quality artificial turf from professionals.

Even though second hand artificial grass can be cheaper than a brand new one, we must remember that the cheap always comes out expensive.

Therefore, if you are thinking about installing artificial grass, you should get in touch with professionals.

Second hand artificial grass possible uses

As we said before, there are some good possibilities to use second hand artificial grass. Here you have some:

  • It can be used on bars, restaurants, coffee shops terraces etc.
  • Stands at business fairs where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Small gardens around plants and trees.
  • Places around sports facilities, such as outside a paddle or tennis court, around a football field or a running track.

As follows we show you some pictures from the sport’s public installation in Guardamar. As you can see they look amazing nowadays.

In Realturf, we advise the best options for every customer, always with the best guarantee. Our team works every day to offer the best products to our clients. We use the latest technologies to get the best value for money products for every single need.

Get in touch with professionals. Get in touch with Realturf.

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