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How to cut artificial grass and tools for it

A la hora de instalar césped artificial es tan importante elegir el modelo perfecto, como evitar posibles fallos en su instalación.

When we talk about cutting artificial grass, we are clearly not talking about how to mow it, because it does not need it. We talk about doubts people may have while they are installing the grass.

Cutting accurately is important to bear in mind. Poorly cuts will mean poorly measures and poorly installation.

How to cut artificial grass. Step by step

  1. Measure the surface.

Firstly, we must measure the surface perfectly. It seems obvious, but sometimes it is overlooked. Measures must be exact. A main thing is that you need to cut the turf before installing it. Ideally, the surface should be flat or with a light slope.

2. Buy the turf.

Secondly, you must buy the turf you need. However, it is advisable to buy approximately a ten percent more of the surface to install. We will lose these meters with the joints and the perimeter.

3. Lay out the artificial grass.

Then, lay out the turf on the surface. You need to do this in order to know where to cut. If there is a drainage on the surface you need to cut there, in addition to the perimeter.

4. Measure, point out and cut the turf

Then, measure and point out on the backing. The following step is cutting the turf precisely. Take your time, this is one of the most important steps.

5. Cut the joints.

We must cut the joints very carefully because they need to be straight. If we cut and install properly the turf, we shouldn’t appreciate the joints.

6. Cut the perimeter.

Finally, we will cut the perimeter. If you follow properly all these steps, our artificial grass installation will be perfect, beautiful and long-lasting.

Tools to cut artificial grass

Tools can be very useful to cut the turf. We must cut it from the backing because there are no fibers there and the cut will be easier and perfect. Ideally, we will use an industrial cutter, but we could use scissors too.

Tools must be in good condition. A rusty cutter could do a bad job.

Tips to cut artificial grass

  • During this process, it is very important to cut accurately. Measures must be exact, and we need to work without pressure. Therefore, everything will be good, and we will have an excellent installation.
  • The cut will be done in the quickest way.
  • Wearing gloves are recommended. There are some garden gloves on the market that are very useful. This will avoid the possibility of cutting ourselves unconsciously.
  • To make easier this process, in Realturf we have a tutorial video of how to cut artificial grass.

Moreover, we have also tutorial videos of how to install artificial grass on soil or how to install artificial grass on pavement.

If after reading this article you still have doubts, or if working in your garden in your free time is not for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Realturf have the widest artificial grass installers network in the market.

In Realturf we will make your life easier!

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