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How to install artificial turf?

Proceso de instalación de césped artificial en un jardín privado.

Keeping the garden in good condition can be a complicated task because of the lack of time. Therefore, the best choice is to install artificial turf.

Installing artificial turf does not require a qualified knowledge. You can find the turf in rolls or in cuts, depending on your needs. One important thing is not making visible the joints.

How to install artificial turf

Measure and clean the surface

Firstly, you must measure the surface and clean the area where you want to install it. If it is a concrete surface that is perfect, you just have to be sure that there is a good incline so the water cannot be stuck. You must bear in mind that it is artificial grass, and below there is no soil that drains the water.

Installing on any kind of surface

You can install artificial turf on any kind of surface: asphalt, concrete, rubber, woods… Any surface is good if it does not have irregularities and weeds. If you want to install the turf on soil is recommended to put an anti-weeds mesh to avoid weeds growing below the turf.

Do I need to fix the turf to the ground?

To fix the turf to the ground, it will be only necessary an auto adhesive tape. Anyway, it is not necessary to fix it and not everybody wants to. In this case, we put a Geotextile to join the artificial grass cuts. We must pay attention to the joints in order the cuts are not visible. Afterwards, you must extend the carpet and finally screw the corners or put some heavy items on them as pots with plants.

Two of our magnificent turfs

Absolute artificial grass

Absolute is a high pile range of Realturf artificial grass. Every turf on this range has a Soft Max Technology that gives an incredible soft to the fiber. Besides, all these kinds of turfs look like much more natural and its fibers are more resistant and longer lasting.

Romeo artificial grass

Romeo product is one of our medium pile range artificial turf and it is a perfect for frequent use places. It combines several Technologies that give softness, a good fiber´s resilience and the longest lasting. There is between 30mm and 38mm grass on this range.

If you are looking for a joy look in your garden, don’t doubt, you must go for this artificial turf!

If you need any further information about our turfs and which one can be the best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make your life easier!

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