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Why choose artificial turf in football?


The combination of artificial turf and football is a binomial that offers multiple advantages. While some purists of this sport are reluctant to use, in fact there are more and more soccer fields around the world that enjoy its advantages. Get to know them more thoroughly.

Artificial turf advantages

One of the first reasons to choose artificial turf in football is economic. In fact, the annual cost of maintaining a football field with artificial grass is much lower than in the case of natural grass.

It is clear that artificial turf has a longer duration, it do not need to be transplanted or pruned, among many other conservation tasks, and it is evident that not all sports clubs can afford to have an immaculate natural grass throughout the season.

Increased resistance and respect for the environment

As for its durability, artificial turf for football has much greater resistance to extreme temperatures than natural grass. It does not suffer in the extreme heat and, after the rain, dries more quickly. This makes it possible to play in an artificial turf field under any weather conditions, allowing a greater number of hours of play at any time of the year.

At the same time, when choosing artificial turf in football you will be betting on the environment. Logically, it is a lawn that does not need irrigation and, needing much less maintenance than the natural one, supposes a greater energy saving in all senses.

Play quality and safety

Another great advantage of artificial turf for football is that it is an uniform surface throughout the terrain, so the player will not find holes or protuberances that hinder their travel. At the same time, the ball rolls more fluidly and directly, and the grass always has the same length.

As for the possibility of injury, it has been shown that artificial turf is a completely safe surface for the player. The texture of the synthetic grass is increasingly realistic, moving away from the first examples of artificial turf, which many players rejected because of their hardness.



Indeed, you can now choose different lengths and textures, even different colors, to design the field according to your needs. There are many types of artificial turf to choose from, like Real Xtreme, Real Infinity or Soccer XCN.

As examples of artificial turf stadiums, we can find some prestigious clubs in the world such as East End Park in Scotland, Santiago de Chile in Chile or in Canada, BMO Field in Toronto and Montreal in which They played the final of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2007. All of them are approved by FIFA and, as you can see, they host top-level football matches


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